The providers we use

The other day I wrote about how the Hubsy and I use our cellular company exclusively as an isp. It works well for us. However, I got to thinking. What do we do with our devices?

Well, almost all of our content is streamed on either our cell phones or our tablets. We both do just fine without televisions, and since we never watch anything together this works well for us.

We use Amazon Prime, which means that I can also order things for 2nd day shipping most times. I also have kindle unlimited for reading, and audible. I also have a Britbox subscription added in on our service, so I can get my Poirot and Marple fix in.

Then again there are the two powerhouses, Netflix and Hulu. I used to shut them down every summer, but it’s much more worth it to me to have the Hubsy entertained than to keep shutting them down every year.

YouTube Premium. I loathe commercials. With a passion. They are the bane of my sanity, and youtube’s penchant for a 20 minute commercial for a ten minute video is galling. I’d rather have my teeth removed via my ear canal. So, as they include youtube music with the premium, it’s a steal for me.

KXRB – The radio station I grew up with, has old country music streaming live via their own bespoken app. I can listen, get the news from back home, and relax while knitting. Thanks to the topography of Southwestern Minnesota, it’s the only way I can listen in town.

Curioustity Stream- For a special of 15 perr year, I was able to get good content for cheaper than anyone else. Who am I to judge?

Lastly, podcasts… Here we have a crap shoot. I use mostly google podcasts, and occasionally spotify. Once in awhile a good one will show up on audible, but it’s not bloody likely.

So, in a nutshell, we aren’t starved for entertainment. Half the time I sit here writing, I’m listening to a podcast or something on my phone while I write on the tablet.

The laptop does get some love too. She runs the big stuff in the background, and helps me to do the meat and potatoes of most account work around here.

That’s about all, the best part. Since we watch exclusively on devices, when I go camping or am waiting for the hubs at the Dr’s offices, I can catch up on my favorite shows while I am doing other things.

Huge hugs, take care. -L


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