Frogging, again and again, till it’s just right

Hello again, taking a break from knitting to write.  I’ve got a History Channel special on my DVR and I’m getting ready to breach the knitting front again.  Yes, knitting.  I’m still working on Dad’s Long John’s.  I’ve had to rip out the crocheted start enough times that I’ve decided to knit this section.  I’m working on the fly.

Yep, Dad’s Long John’s are going to have a fly, and the best way I’ve figured to install it is to knit it, with a bit of double knitting magic.  On Wednesday, the Knitting Daily episode featured an edging I’m going to use, and I’m using a basic double knitting for the start of the fly.  I decided to start with the pointed edge of the fly and work my way up with front and back loop increases to get to the part where the double knitting starts.  I then did front and back loop increases in every stitch and have completed my first row of double knitting.  It’s going to be the best solution.

I don’t think I’m going to be cutting steeks, I’m going to separate the double knitting onto 2 circs when the fly separation comes to play, introduce a 2nd skein of yarn, and knit the front and back piece concurrently.  I’m hoping to come up with an even and professionally knit piece when I’m done. 

When I get to the legs, the circular needles will come into play again I think.  I’m going to knit them in the round, until I get to the point to join to the fly and the other leg, and continue from there.  It’s interesting.  I’ve got so much work to do on these, and two weeks to finish them, (I mean completely finished.) My self-imposed goal is important to me, and I don’t want to go past the dead line.  So, I’ve got to get busy.

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Changing email addresses is not all it is cracked up to be

Image by Designing Web Interfaces via Flickr

I’ve been awake for two hours, and working for about 90 minutes so far today.  It’s just after noon my time, and I’ve been a busy bug.  Between backing up my hard drive, and reviewing my accounts, I’ve decided to do a quick survey of the email account I’ve had for years.

I love windows live mail, it works great, and is sufficient for all of my needs, but one.  I’ve had this old yahoo email address for as long as I have been computing.  I do not want to pay for a service that would ship that email to windows live mail.  Shucks, I pay for enough these days.  This account has almost become a part of my identity.  Yet I have no qualms about changing my phone number to suit my current needs.

Yahoo does provide excellent services to its members, don’t get me wrong.  Over the years I’ve joined and enjoyed many yahoo groups, as well as played games and chat.  Yet, I have moved on from that part of my life.  I am active in many other areas and have interests above and beyond what yahoo can offer.  I have been going through my “saved emails” file, and I don’t even represent the person who sent or received those emails over the years anymore.

I’ve adopted a “keep it simple” lifestyle.  I live one moment at a time, and enjoy life for its own sake.  When I started the “purge” of things that complicate my life, I had over 10 email addresses, I had three blogs, and I had three facebook accounts and two twitter accounts. I deleted 3 other yahoo email accounts in the past week, 2 facebook accounts, and have updated my windows live emails to reflect my current needs.

Clutter is something that not just overwhelms, but depresses and holds people back.  It keeps people in the past, and the present is hard enough to deal with.  When I started to become aware of my problem as a hoarder, I realized that it was going to take months, years even to clear away the clutter and wreckage I had accumulated.  I saw that not only was the clutter a major health problem, it was a psychological one.  It was a problem that had me overdrawn with pain and grief.  I realized that if something is not needed for survival, then it is not truly necessary.

In hanging on to this email account, I’ve been hanging on to the past.  In hanging on to the clutter, I have realized that I have been limiting my options for the future.  Therefore, the purge continues.

My ultimate goal is to have only three email accounts.  One for the blog, one for personal stuff, and one to keep my phone contacts up to date.  I wish that the phone technology would be such that I could sync my contacts via my isp, but if it is even possible I have no clue how to do it.

That’s all for now, I’m still pitching what I can when I can.


buyer’s remorse

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Again I have reason to regret purchasing something.  And again, it is biting me in the backside.  I am to the point that I am boycotting the iTunes store, as well as apple.  The iPad has had nothing but problems since I started using it.  I’ve also had serious problems with the iTunes store.  I won’t go into details, but it is time, to start the boycott.

Equipment, software, and electronics are supposed to make our lives better, simpler, easier.  They are supposed to be a welcome addition to life that works well and is a true asset.  Today, I regret every dime I have spent buying Apple.