an afternoon break

Hello, just taking an afternoon break here. I’ve been sprucing up the house a bit. Like I said earlier, most of the cleaning is actually done already. I have just been doing a little light dusting and sweeping here and there.

In the meantime, thanks to @mraeknitter I have a decent potato salad recipe for tomorrow. You are truly awesome!

I have a little more to do this afternoon, and then I am going to record a pod-cast. I’m still regurgitating what I’m going to say. I’ve come to the idea that I’ll be doing the dishes while I record though, so I’ll be getting more work done than just the recording.

Since this is Friday, I’ll be baking fish for supper. (Ugh) I’m also thinking of maybe some steamed potatoes for a side dish. There is no work involved, really, I’ll literally just be using the toaster oven and the microwave. I’ve become lazy in my old age, what can I tell ya.

The rabbits are doing remarkably well. The little monsters are gaining weight, and soon I’ll be rubbing female bellies to test for pregnancy. Unless the females are too young yet, there should be some signs soon.

Of course, rubbing angora rabbit belly is such a chore… ;o) And even worse, snuggling angora rabbit and her friends is such a hardship.

I know that four of the rabbits are destined for the soup pot eventually, but damn they are snuggly little monsters. I can’t help giving them lovings.

Well, the door is opening, and I think that Dad is coming in for his break. Before I get all gushy on ya, I think that it would be best if I let you go for now.


jonesing for a hug, and too much to do today

Hullo all, yep its after 10 in the morning and I don’t have much done yet today. Oh, I made breakfast, took a shower and the lot, but I don’t have any chores done. Although Dad and I did do a seed catalog foray…

Oy, there are many seeds and plants that I would love to grow, but I’m going to have to be patient. There’s only so much that I can do at one time.

In the meantime, I’m getting ready for company tomorrow. I’m not sure exactly who/how many are coming, so I’m planning for the worst case scenario. I’m making a kettle of chicken what-not soup, and I’m going to be having  sandwiches I believe as well as potato salad. I think….

I know, I need to be careful on thinking… It’s dangerous territory.

I’m missing my friends from back home something fierce. There’s nothing like sitting on a break with a good friend, drinking soda, and relaxing. I miss showing up early enough for a parking spot at a meeting, and giving the home-geezers grief.

I miss everyone and everything back there.

But it wasn’t home, and so, in the meantime, I’m making a home here, and enjoying life. However, this is not getting the chores done before the get-together. I need to get back to work.

PS… Most of the cleaning is done, it’s the last-minute thingies I’m doing today.