Taking a day off

Morning all, have to take a medical day today. So this is a ‘canned’ post. I’m writing this on Feb 5th 2022. The reason I pre-write is so that I can take a day or two when the pain or the body say, yeah no, stay in bed. Avoid the desk today. So, that’s what I am doing.

The good news is that the coffee is hot, even if the wind is cold, right? I have GOT to stay away from craft and hobby stores, I swear to God. They give me too many ideas, and holy crap, I’m screwed then.

Going back a bit, I went into Joanne’s fabrics. I actually was going to jump down the rabbit hole, and buy a few goodies there for my sewing empire, but gladly decided not to do so. Here’s why. I took one look at the prices and about dropped my teeth.

I don’t have dentures. I have all intact teeth, no cavities… So, back to the story.

I did get to see what I will be buying ftf so to speak though, and not on a screen. There’s a darning egg, and a couple of ironing hams, and a specialty this and a nifty that. What they didn’t have, or carry, Amazon certainly does.

What impressed me the most though, was how the staff member who checked my drawing pencils out for me was treated. She was my age, and was kind to me, however, she had called on the horn to be relieved at her till because she had to relieve herself. It was also time for her break.

Since I only had 4 things, she ran my order through quick, but I could tell by her posture that she was getting desperate. Her cow-irker finally showed up, and as she handed me my receipt, I Thanked her and wished her well.

The reason I really noticed the situation? That same cow-irker had been standing doing nothing with a gaggle of hens at the cutting table. Even though my reach is short, I knew better than to ask for help in their store. I’d never been there before.

I’m really enjoying my new pencils and such, and I also have a funny eraser that is battery operated from Amazon as well. My sketchbooks come from the dollar store, and I am having a blast with the toys.

Sewing and knitting and such need to take a short break, till the pain eases up enough. Meanwhile, my Amazon wish list has grown exponentially since then. And I’m thinking of expanding the list. Take care all, huge hugs. Even if I am not ‘here’ today, I wish you well and many blessings. -L


My life is unmanageable

I’ve been trying to write all morning, and I have accomplished quite a bit. I’ve thrown several posts away. Meaning posts in progress. I’ve taken a shower and dressed. I’ve done about an hour of research. Sum total of my visible accomplishments? I’ve taken a shower.

Lake Okabena Sunset, Minnesota
Lake Okabena Sunset, Minnesota (Photo credit: M H Ryle)

It seems that every time I turned around, the distractions out weighed the actual work. I’m tempted to take my laptop, growing feeble in it’s old age, my knitting, and run. The reason I’m tempted to do this?

There’s a war movie playing in the next room. The dogs desperately want Mama attention, and my stress level has been steadily rising for the last hour. It seems that my brain just can’t focus today. Or can it?

I’m thinking that maybe I am focusing on the wrong things today. I write this post, with the full knowledge that I have so much to do. And yet, I am not enjoying the process of writing at this time. I’d much rather spend time outside, enjoying one of the last truly nice fall days.

Sunrise over Okabena Lake
Sunrise over Okabena Lake (Photo credit: juliaschrenkler)

I’d rather be outside, knitting.

So, rather than do some mega-intelligent work here. That’s what I am going to do this morning. I’m going to pack up, laptop, podcasting equipment, writing materials, and throw them in the stroller. I’m going to go take a walk, find a nice spot in the park, and get back to work.

I’m thinking one of the shelter houses by the lake would be a good place. Either that, or heading out to the library, and looking up some things for the book.

KsFishermen2009_lg (Photo credit: M H Ryle)

I’m going to play hooky from the lists, and go be a hooker today. Hey, there’s a couple of meetings today, and I’m thinking of going out and enjoying them as well.






So, I am going to be irresponsible, and I’m going to go have a bit of fun for the rest of my day!

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It all started with a bonk on the head…

iTunes (Photo credit: ʇhamin – free lancer)

Hello all,
Last night, I decided to work in my own “woman cave on wheels” and laid down for a bit of a nap. I woke in the middle of the night for one of those emergency dashes, and dashed my head on something harder than my melon. I saw stars, and almost lost control.
I laid down, and Thank Goodness the hubs decided to check on me. He woke me up, and made sure I came into the house so he could keep an eye on me.
It was a long night. Before long, a migraine set in, but when I called the ER nurse, I didn’t have any dangerous symptoms. In the course of the morning, we went to purchase provisions, (mother hubbard’s cupboard comes to mind here) and scurry back. By the time we got back, it was 6 am…
Between laying back in the recliner, and eventually laying down, the headache eased a bit. I’ve been too unsettled to even knit today.
However, I have been a busy bug. I updated the website, and got some wonderful help from 2 other bloggers. I wrote 2 pages, and organized my next few podcast episodes. I even made time for lunch.
The results should help, but I wish I could do more. For whatever reason, knitting or crochet weren’t in the cards today, and working on any projects just wasn’t going to happen.
I had planned to organize my studio, work on the website, and record an episode in time for me to get the production work done.
There was a point when my own voice hurt, so that just wasn’t an option.
I’ve got a meeting to go to shortly, so I don’t have time now to get any production work started. But there are many good things about today.
I was able to get out and about a bit. I was able to do some mischievous computer work. I was able to get some upgrades started for the website.
I’ve learned to let go of what I can’t control, and let God handle the rest. I just wish I could have delegated some of the other chores I needed to do today.
Oh well, the laundry can wait.
It was a scorcher today in MN, and a muggy day at that. I’m looking forward to the fall, when the skeeters die down, the leaves start turning colors, and the nights get that crisp snowy scent to them. One of my neighbors burns apple wood in his stove. It’s nights like those when I sit out with a heavy afghan in progress and let the needles or hooks fly… It’s nights like those when the hands are comforted by a nice cup of hot-cocoa.
Today, the kids were back to school. Which is a good thing, but it left me longing desperately for the fall to come.
Maybe that knock on the head wasn’t a bad thing after all. It sure made me appreciate being a fiber artist, even if I didn’t touch a stitch today.

Louise Ann Benjamin

Worthington, MN

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where to find the clues to Anna Makarovna socks

Main Street, Worthington - 1895
Main Street, Worthington – 1895 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all,

This post is pretty link heavy, but I hope that this helps.


I’ve included quite a few links, but this is where I went to learn how to do Anna Makarovna socks.

Louise Benjamin

Worthington, MN


knitting needle roundup

Double-pointed knitting needles, sometimes use...
Double-pointed knitting needles, sometimes used for socks, collars and sleeves. Typically they come in sets of four or five; shown here are US size 8 in wood (left), and US size 1 in aluminum (right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve decided that I need to be taken out to the back fence and given a “attitude adjustment”. I’ve been frantically searching for my knitting needles… size 3 dpns for over a month. I have many size 3 dpns, and I enjoy them immensely.

However, in the moves I’ve done over the last few months, I’d put them either here, there, or anywhere, and couldn’t find them. I looked in the logical places, I looked in the illogical places. I looked in South Dakota and Minnesota. Nope, no size 3 dpns to be found.

Today, I resumed my search. I was on the phone with a sponsee, while I was in the midst of the dpn roundup. I brought in the rubbermaid tubs from the van, looked in them. Nope, no dice. Finally, I dumped the rather large bag with hundreds of knitting needles out on my sewing table. There, amongst the many, were almost 12 dpns!

So, now, that I’ve found these beasties, I’m going to have to sort through the hundreds of other needles and figure out a sane transportation/storage method for them.

Ugh, I think I’m just going to sit and knit a bit instead.