The games I actually play

I have astigmatism. It doesn’t have an effect on my everyday life for the most part, except in one weird way. Some games give me motion sickness. As in I need to have a bucket handy, motion sickness. So, most motion play games are off my agenda.

Morning all, so why do I bring this up? Welp, the list of games I actively play is actually quite small. I have a solitaire suite on my laptop. I also have a word suite that I enjoy. I play monopoly, backgammon, the royal game of ur, and checkers. That’s it.

Short list, I know. English mine proper not is. I’m also a jerk, you know this. Get over it.

Why Monopoly? I have an older brother unit. His name is Bro, at least that’s what I call him. Occasionally, I call him old man, because he is. When we were short, and much cuter than we are now, we had a checkers game, and a monopoly game.

We also had playing cards, and other than playing 52 card pickup, we played war and rummy. We were all we had for those long cold winters. We lived in the country, and the nearest kids were 3/4 of a mile away at least. He was my babysitter after a certain point, and we just were. He was my best friend.

I swear, he always won. He didn’t let me win because I was younger. He had to have Park Place. He had to have this and that. He always won.

So, well over 40 years later, I’m still practicing, hoping to one day kick his butt. It’s a rivalry. Nowadays, Bro, being much much older, won’t play me. He says it would take forever and whatnot. Snort.

So, Biggest Brudder. I double dog dare you. A battle royal of Monopoly. Auction only. I will kick your butt.

Hugs, -Little Sis.


Please pop every joint in my body

Morning all, a lovely hazelnut faux cappuccino is making me happy this morning. I’m happily curled up with a keyboard, and I really am content to be ensconced in the recliner again.

I love my laptop. I can type all of this up in word, correct all of my sins there, and then move to the desk where I get decent cell signal to send this post off. I can relax with my back and neck supported, and work. Yet I also have the ability to have my legs lifted. I do use a board to hold my equipment up, and some day, I will own a recliner desk. Some day.

All dreams of that aside, if anyone knows a way that I can be put in a medieval rack, and stretched from neck to ankle until everything pops, I’d be grateful. All whining aside, otherwise, all is well enough.

I’m working on stitchery again. Most everything I can do from the recliner, until I need a machine. I can cut and do hems, I can baste seams, and I can plot and scheme to make things work. Then, when it’s time to run the machinery, I can set up the sewing machine quick and whack through what I need to do.

Meanwhile, the Hubsy went to his appointment, and behaved himself. The garbage got to the curb and the empty can back to the house. I listened to as many true crime podcasts as I could. I had a busy day yesterday. Oh, and young Master Duke isn’t impressed with faux spring.

His opinion and mine are of a similar bent. He takes one look at the smattering of white sheet… smells the icy air first thing in the morning and says frick this. He goes, pees, and comes right back in.

Meanwhile, the Hubsy is grateful for the grocery order I did. He actually said Thank You. It’s the small things. He’s still an ass at times, but his arse is mine.

Huge huggage all. Please be mischievous today. -L

Way too pre-noon

Morning all. A little addendum to the post on what do I do on pain days. I also will take hemp oil, 3 ibuprofen, and go and get the grocery order. I’ll then bring it in, and over the next 3 hours put it away. That’s what I did yesterday. It was a grand level of pain, and holy crap, we had been out of everything for over a week.

Hubsy asked me to do a grocery order, and at first I said no. He then said, “do a small one”. 400 hundred later, I picked up the groceries after 7 pm. It took 2 doses of hemp oil, and the extra ibuprofen, to get the groceries into the house. Here’s what the aftermath is. I got 4 hours of sleep. It’s now almost 2 in the o dark thirty, and I really don’t want to move.

Yet Hubsy has an appointment this morning, and I’m awake slurping coffee like it is manna from the heavens. Wait, it is, wrong metaphor. I’m slurping coffee like it is more important that freaking air… nevermind.

By the way, sometime in the next 5 hours, I will be working on the 2nd dress. I went through the clothing, and sent all of the items I could to their next home. I need to get the next dress done, and then the next dress after that. Dresses are much more comfortable than anything, and once I have enough dresses to cover me, I’m going to move on to tunics for leggings.

Those tunics, when no humans no related by marriage are present, will be worn without the leggings. Here’s the end goal, to pitch everything not a hat that is fast fashion. I want breathable clothing that is comfortable. Screw societal norms. Societal norms are itchy, constricting, and painful as hell.

There is one garment I will miss, and that is the last pair of bib overalls. However, I can make myself a pinafore at any time, and in fact the pattern for a pinafore isn’t that different from some of the sewing I’ve already done.

Next on the list of mayhem, is to buy the fabric for undergarments. I really want a smooth shift or 3 to wear under dresses, and I want a knitting apron to wear.

WTF is a knitting apron?

I’m glad you didn’t ask, I’m going to tell you anyway. It is an apron with pockets that fit a skein of yarn. It has a pocket big enough to hold a work in progress. It’s a garment that a person wears that holds a few knitting tools and that person can knit on the fly.

It’s also an apron, a garment designed to protect the dress or other garment that the human wears. It’s simple. This garment also crosses over to other stitcherly products. It can hold cross stitch just as well as a knitting project or a crochet project.

So, I have to get busy.

That said, I also need to order more sewing thread, and some more sewing needles. I believe it is time to get my happy ass to work.

Huge huggage my friends. Please, even on no bones days, take care of yourself. -L

Running hot and cold

Morning all, I fell down a rabbit hole of research. That’s not good. I’m not happy, and have realized that humans are human. On a sad note, one of my best friends is moving, and today they are on their way to their new state to do a walk through of their new house. I don’t want to let them go.

The list of people I am willing to hug is now down to 3. 2 of them live about 45 miles away. The other is asleep in bed not even 10 feet away from me. My friend, moving 14 hours away, takes that huggage list down. I’m feeling whiny af about it. However, we will still snark over the phone.

Back to the research. Since video streaming is done at the desk, I don’t spend as much time in research as I would like to. Yet, one video opened my eyes. Then, I went and found the articles to back up the research. Crap. I’d been on the periphery of swallowing the Kool-Aid in the stitchery community. I won’t be a shit stirrer, I’m too damned proud to spread information at that level, but my own eyes were opened. I’m glad that before I invested more than just some time, I found out about the problem.

Meanwhile, the research I did also paid out in another way. I have a weird obsession with historical clothing. It fits better, and is much more comfortable. Even the dress I’m wearing, I made. So, in the midst of the chaos, I found a video I downloaded so I can review again and again at leisure. There’s 2 methods I learned.

The first is something called french seams. It’s a self-finishing seam that I don’t have to fell down if I don’t have the spoons to do so. Holy crap. I’ve got another dress in the planning stages, and this method takes stitching that dress down to an hour or two of production.

The 2nd method is a self finishing hem. It’s one row of stitching that makes a double folded hem. One row of stitching. Woot woot woot! Since hand sewn hems are a must for arm holes, wrist bands and neck holes, I can still get that dress done in one day. Opus Elenae on Youtube showed how to do this wizardry, and I include a link to the video here. She is a freaking genius.

That said, I have some finished objects. I finally finished the Pi Shawl afghan thingamie. I need to weave in the last end, and run it through the washer. I may reinforce the last end with some sewing thread. I have another shawl on the hook, and some restoration work to finish.

Next on the list of projects is the dress in progress. Since it is a modern pattern, to protect copyright, I won’t post pics. Other than that, I better get busy. The ibuprofen has finally started working its magic, and I need to get the stitches done.

Hugs, I will bug you again tomorrow. -L

With the recliner comes great sacrifice

Morning all. The fellas are quietly doing and arranging manly purposes while I sit in the recliner being a brat.

I have been gifted a lazy boy recliner, extra wide by my good friend. We’d stored it in the garage until I had spoons enough to make room for it. Finally, finally, it was moved in the other night, and holy crap, it is comfort. The big crisis though, is that the place I have room for it, and the place I can sit in it… Has the crappiest internet connection in the house. Our house is plaster and old school chicken wires for walls. IE horsehair plaster and chicken wire. I live in a faraday cage for the most part. I’m cool with it, and that’s the reason the desk is situated between windows in a corner.

However, on pain days, the recliner is now king. So, I can’t watch livestreams much. It allows me to check in quick, but that’s about it. I can listen to podcasts though, and I can knit. That’s a blessing. I still want to rearrange a few things in that corner of the dungeon, but to be honest, this makes pain days not as sucky.

New protocol on pain days involves settling into the recliner, and covering with my latest project. I listen to a book or a podcast, and I work on whichever. If the pain is really sheet, then I move to the bed. However, this also means that I can sit up longer. The other game changer is that I can sit up and read paper books.

The sacrifice… my laptop becomes a place for card games on pain days. Though I have become a grand master at freecell in the past year… Hmm.

That’s about all for today folks, I better get back to my stitching. Hugs. -L