Works in Progress.

It’s a cold week here in Minnesota, which for November just isn’t unusual. The problem with the cold is that I usually have to stay home. My beloved Shuggie is stuck home 99% of the time. I’m home roughly 164 hours out of a 168 hour week while it’s below 40* F or 4.4 * C. My bones and I just don’t like the cold.

Tomorrow, though, it’s a head to the farm to do a pick up day. It’s too cold to go out, but… my sewing machines are still on the farm. Sighs.

The things you leave behind.

So, today, I’m going to clear out the car, whine alot about it, and then get ready for tomorrow.

In other news, I have one project done, and a few on the needles and hooks.

The FO isn’t on my Ravelry account. I started with a granny square, and stopped increasing at the corners when I got to a 9″ square. Then about 8″ up from the base, I began to decrease every other row. Eventually, Corner to Corner style, I made handles, only using two opposing sides to the bag, and ended with a double crochet strap. It’s a slouch bag. No pics, as it’s a gift for my daughter, and I forgot to grab pics before I gave it to her. Ooops.

Current projects. Wagon wheel crochet bag. Same principle as above. Only the handles will start at half bag size instead of quarter. Yarn is gifted yarn from a friend. Color is a carnation lemon yellow.

Socks, Knit on size 1 needles. My go to project for meetings. People don’t comprehend the idea of knitting socks. I guess I’ve been remiss in knitting in public. Yarn is stash yarn.

Emily’s shawl, feather and fan. Stash yarn.

Cotton bag, stalled, working on the handles.

Dish clothes and potholders. They disappear at the rate of darning needles.

Upcoming projects:

Wedding afghan in blues and blacks. Dishcloths, and potholders. Wedding is in June.

Wedding afghan in reds and blacks. Dishcloths and potholders. Wedding is in August.

Knee length 3XL sized cardigan. For myself. I need the extra warmth, and love the idea of a knee length cardigan. Possibly will be longer. It depends on my Yarn. It’s a stash buster project, so multiple colors and yarns.

Slippers, socks and other misc, always.

No photos as yet. Still figuring out my android phone.