Less than 48 hours left

A rare supplemental post, one that I’m not ‘pre-scheduling’.

I did something weird tonight. I signed up for zoom on a separate email address. Yes, I have a ‘main’ zoom account. However, I ran into problems running it on both my cell phone and my tablet.

So, I just made a new account. I signed in with a generic user name, and attended my homegroup. I lurked there.

IT FELT WEIRD. Yet, everything that bugs me about my homegroup, didn’t bug me tonight. There was a child in the room. They still did the same things, and still acted the same way as they always do.

I realized a sense of freedom. You see, on the main account, I’m still area secretary. On the main account, I’m still someone with over 20 years of recovery that they insist on asking a million and ten questions.

Tonight, I got to be just a fly on the wall. I enjoyed it.

I have less than 48 hours left as area secretary for NA. I’m looking forward to stepping down. It’s a good thing. Tonight, reminded me that I can still be me in a meeting, without stress, without extras, without having to be more to people than I can physically be anymore.

So, that’s about it. I know, a weird post. But that’s okay too. You might find a stray addict lurking in a meeting some night. It might be me, then again, it might not.

Hugs, -L


A knitter on steroids

Morning all, Have been busy working on medical stuff in the background. My new doctor gave me a script for steroids, and I started them today. It’s the whole pain thing again.

Sophie’s new coat.

Yesterday, I delivered a neon rainbow varigated coat to a young lady named Sophie. She’s my cutest customer at this time. Okay, she’s my only customer, but she sure is cute. She let me put it on her, and she licked my hand in payment.

That’s a good thing. Her puparents like it too. Other than that, I have to get back to work on Pi Shawls and Feather and Fan shawls. I’m going to be using the reprieve from pain to get back to work on the knitterly goodness.

I could clean my house, I could do this and that, but where’s the fun in that?

Anyways, I wanted to post the promised pic of Miss Sophie in all her sweet fuzzy finery. Take care, -L