Back in the saddle but don’t fall off

Morning everyone. Sorta.

Between a zpac and mucinex I am alive. I have been hitting meetings a little mostly NA for the weeks I was sick. The mucinex really helped. I found that when I am on the farm, not being able to get to meetings really hurt.

I was going stir crazy.

The b vitamin complex and the magnesium I take has helped a little, but logical thinking went by the wayside.

Over the next week I am going to be hitting the road quite a bit. There is nothing I can do but drive them. It’s a life thing.

Dad wants me at church on Sunday. I need to help him run errands. Tim has Dr appointments and so does Dad. I need to be in Sherburn on my birthday.

Somewhere in there, I need tires and meetings.

I have also got to go through orientation today. We will see how that goes. It’s for a new volunteer position I am taking on.

So, when do I have time for me? I am not sure yet.

Hugs my friends.

Louise B


Long day

Saw my Dr today. Both were good. Have to drop quite a bit of weight. Have to drop my a1c as well. Ugh. I wanna cry

Duke was hit by a car on Saturday. He is hurt, but alive enough to gently snuggle. I had to go see him.

After many hugs and puppy kisses, I had to return to Minnesota without him.

It’s time for bed.

Dr gave me antibiotics again. Need to kick the crud.