Morning, coffee time

It’s just after 5 in the morning. Duke wants snuggle time. I’d rather get some things organized inside my brain. I’m on cup #2 of the day. The brain cells are firing just enough to be dangerous. We have already had the ‘Duke needs to bark his fool head off at o dark thirty episode.’ So things are on track.

One of these months, I’m going to go back through my drafts pile. I write several blog posts each morning as part of my wakeup routine. Most of those end up on the cutting room floor.

My rule is that if I have to go back and edit something for the 3rd time. I yeet it across the room and work on a different post. This process usually involves music with a good drum beat, and half a pack of smokes over 3-4 cups of coffee.

This is also done before my morning shower, before I make my bed, and before I’m usually sane enough to know better. You have been forewarned.

The desk clean up has been stalled for a little. yes, my desk is still trying to kill me. However, fielding calls from a certain older gentleman put the hold on that. Trust me, that mess is going nowhere for awhile.

Today’s plan of attack is to hit the laundry. I also want to stitch up an apron and finish that dog sweater. I want that sucker in the finished pile bad enough to take a couple of extra Tylenol mid day to get it done.

Side note: normal pain days get 2 tylenol arthritis in the morning. Heavier ones, get 2 more at bedtime, the heaviest get 6 total during the day, which is the maximum dosage. I work hard to not take those extra 4 pills.

While the washer is washing and the dryer is spinning away, I probably should run a rag around the bathroom. We will see. I’ve been threatening to also clean off the kitchen cupboards and do a full inventory. I threaten much.

See any post I have about deadlines and procrastination for further details.

Anyhow, the work will get done. I’ve got to also do the final grocery list. I’m thinking of having 90% of everything just shipped to the house. The run to the store, even on a pickup only day, plus the joys of unloading and hauling everything in really suck.

Oh, and a certain Papa unit has requested that I start baking bread again.

No rest for the wicked. I better crank up the music and get busy. -L