I’m too…

Morning all, the boys are fine, and I’m yawning over the coffee in my cup. Still have lightning strikes hitting at random thoughout, but hey I can’t fight it.

I’m working on a few small hand things at the desk right now. I have fallen in absolute love with certain stitch repeats. So, I do little swatchlings of those. It’s soothing, and helps me focus on anything other than.

There is an old song by Right Said Fred that is running rampant through my skull. This ear worm is driving me absolutely bonkers, and I’m typing along to the beat. The funny part? I’m not listening to music. I got overstimulated again somehow, and the ear worm is a lesser of two weavels.

I know, two pop culture references in one paragraph, growl at me later. I’m going to make myself another 18th century pocket with some of the stitching I’m working on. I also have to get busy with a shawl I’m hoping to have done in a year or two. I’m making clothes for me.

While I am quite the large framed beast, I still love my body, no matter how much pain I am in. I want to be comfortable for my smocks, even if I am too sexy for them. Snort.

That said, I have some stitchery, a pocket to make, and a shawl to work on. I want to get those smocks finished, and wear my best muu muu to scare the ever lovign crap out of my husband. He doesn’t deserve that much freakishness, but what the heck, it’s not like I’m going to dance nekkid in the back yard. It isn’t the full moon yet.

Take care my friends. Hugs. -L


Pain day again…

I just scrubbed the post I was working on for today, decided to just get out of bed and write. It’s another one of those lightning strike pain days. Where the thunder is just as evil, and it is the traveling lightning thing. I really am sick of screaming silently while strike after strike hits.

I’d rather be beaten. It is my world at times. The fun part, clothing touching a trigger zone does it now. Moving my arm wrong does it. I will be okay, once the pain signals are done. Some day.

I still get up and do though. I worked on a project for a couple of hours last night. I also helped with some laundry. My Husband started the load, I threw it in the dryer.

My beloved finally found what caused the malfunction with the dishwasher, a chip off a bowl or a plate got trapped in the hose inlet spot. So, I suggested that for Christmas, I get us a set of new dishes. He freaked a little. All of our dishes are cracked and such. He prefers the stoneware type, I prefer the glass type. I finally convinced him that I would research what would work best, and wait the 5 months until Christmas to order.

For crying out loud, I’m not going to run out and buy something instantly here. We have his surgery expenses, my insulin, and about a thousand other needs that come first.

Meanwhile, I suppose I had best go grab another coffee, it is time. Hope you have a lovely day. Take care my friends. -L

Not sure what’s going on here.

Hello all, my beloved is asleep, and young master Duke has taken over the bed I call my own. Yes, we sleep in separate beds, Duke must have his full body on bedding snuggling as much as possible, don’t be silly. However, I’m concerned.

When I woke up this morning, my sweetest didn’t have coffee made. He didn’t have a movie running, and he wasn’t sitting at the table smoking a cigarette. It didn’t register, as the necessary was screaming at me to get my arse in there before the world would end.

Afterwards, I hobbled towards the kitchen, and stopped short. My beloved Shuggie Lump was wrestling the portable dishwasher. I blinked, and went to the desk sans caffeinated heart starting goodness. I finished last night’s lemonade, and started reading the blogs and sites I normally start my day with.

Soon enough, Young Master Duke nudged me for his morning pain medicine, and I complied. Then I looked up. Hubsy was in bed. I cocked an eyebrow, but thought okay… I grabbed yesterday’s coffee container, and the now empty lemonade glass and went to the kitchen.

There were water stains on the rug over halfway to the fridge. Yes, we have a carpeted kitchen, get over it. The dishwasher was in the center of the room, and there was a towel on the floor, where he has sopped up some of the mess.

I started the coffee, and went to grab one of the dining area fans. I put it on the floor, aimed it at the water stains, and moved the dishwasher. I hit the necessary quick, and grabbed some breakfast for Duke and myself, and let him back outside. It doesn’t take alot of skull sweat to figure out that either the sink malfunctioned, the washer malfunctioned, or my husband malfunctioned.

In this house, it could be all 3 at once. Meanwhile, the floor is drying, and soon enough, I will head out to grab some grocery. I will also grab paper plates, just in case. My beloved needs all the support he can get. I’m sure that by the time I woke up, he was in so much pain he couldn’t see anymore.

I’m also sure that he had been battling that washer most of the night. There are days I dream of moving to assisted living, but until Young Master Duke crosses the rainbow bridge, this is impossible. He must have the fullest life he can, we made that promise to him when he adopted us.

Meanwhile, I better jump in the shower, and I might want to check under the sink shortly. If that area is soaking wet, I need to get the fan blowing under there too.

Take care my friends, hugs, -L

Buying the ticket

Morning all, hope you are well. The fellas are behaving.

One of my favorite mental exercises is: “What if I won a really big lottery?” I then run with it inside my head. Thought I would share this thought experiment with you.

First things first, hiring a financial lawyer. Make them in charge of keeping the squirrels off my back. Part of this is paying off all of our debts. This keeps things legal and even. Better medical insurance would be lovely, as well as getting off of disability.

Then is repairing the house, and fixing the car. Perhaps getting that electric wheelchair which would ease so much pain in my life.

I’d love to have a she-shed, with a bathroom, heating, a/c, and a little coffee bar. It would be the dungeon, writing center, library, craft room and office. I’d have it with lace curtains, and a lovely covered walkway between the house and the she-shed.

Our kitchen would have to be redone, basically, the house would probably have to be taken down to the foundation and rebuilt from the basement up. Reason? We still have fabric covered wiring in the walls. We need plumbing done, and electrical, one of the walls is cracking. You know, it’s an old house.

I would love to have some rose bushes, and some flower beds. The biggest thing though, is the medical for both of us. He needs surgeries, and I probably would love to have somethings fixed. It would be lovely though.

I don’t buy lottery tickets though, and it won’t happen. If I would buy a ticket, I’d consider it a donation to the state. Not, a chance of winning any money.

But a gal can dream, can’t she? Dreams are nice.

The Husband wants some more banana bread made. I have to put a clothes pin on my nose, and curb the gag reflex. Bananas are just grotesque. Yuck.

Take care my friends. -L


Morning all, the fellas are behaving. I’m sitting here with an iced lemonade, but am craving something quite different.

I want a bowl of chili, with cheese shredded over the top. I want a bowl of corn chips on the side, or at least some cornbread. For dessert, I want some butterscotch pudding. In other words, this fine July morning, I want it to be fall.

I want to smell the crisp air on a cold morning. I want to have a steaming cuppa tea. I want to wear a sweater around the fire, and relax while the chili is bubbling in the crock pot. I want the whole house to smell like spices.

I want to see the leaves shiver in a cold rain, and the colors of red, orange, and yellow cover the ground. I want to hear the football game next door, and to relax by the stream next to the house.

I miss it, and it’s a few short weeks away. I can’t wait.

Take care my friends. -L