Running on E again

I’m a sleep talker. It gets worse the lower my personal fuel tank gets. Now it appears I am a sleep walker as well. Joyful

Yesterday, I just had no spoons left. It happens. I was scheduled to make more banana bread for my husband. I was also asked to do this this and that. Normally, not a problem. Well, it became a problem.

I spent the day napping on and off. My body obviously needed it, and my brain settled in for a british cooking show marathon playlist I have saved. I curled up with Duke, and other than getting up to pee, and occassionally eat, I spent the whole day in bed.

On one of those trips to pee, I don’t remember yelling at my husband. I don’t remember the conversation. I don’t really remember getting up to pee. He informed of this later.

Back when my brother’s sons were teenagers, I stayed with my brother and his family for awhile. They learned quickly that if I was out cold, I was out cold. They could have conversations with me, and I wouldn’t remember them. I don’t know how far they went with it, but it was a part of life.

Now, I guess it’s back. I’m not too worried quite yet. I’m going to just focus on the next thing to do. I also owe my husband and amends I didn’t know I needed to make.

The funny part? He said he asked me what was wrong with me, and I said that it was him. Sighs. I’ve been really stressed lately.

Hugs, be gentle today. -L


The coffee addict and the tea problem

Morning all, March is almost over, and camping season is soon to start. What do I mean? It’s almost April, Minnesota regularly gets snow and freezing temperatures in April. You are nuts Wease. Yes, I figure if you have read my blog for any length of time, you will realize that I’m nuts.

But first, let’s talk about Tea.

I was born in the early 1970’s, almost half a century ago. Holy Crap, this year is my half century mark, Woot woot! Okay, enough of that. My first caffeinated drink was iced tea. Sun Tea to be precise. Long before Diet Dr Pepper became my cold beverage of choice, it was tea in a gallon jug, left in the sun all day to steep.

The addiction to coffee didn’t arrive until I began to wear scrubs for a living. Coffee was too expensive to waste on kids. We had our tea with sugar and stirred the snot out of it. In winter, a hot cup was nice to have on Saturday or Sundays, but that was rare. I wasn’t allowed near a stove until after I moved out of the house.

My upbringing was less than usual, as I’ve found out.

Now that I’m older, and have made my peace with most things, in the afternoons and evenings, it seems that tea wins the day and my eternal love. For many years, I didn’t have it in the house, unless it was the instant tea mix that I switched to when soda became a problem. I just didn’t bother.

Then, I was corrupted into chai. I also found Earl Grey, and English and Irish Breakfast teas. There’s a lovely cranberry tea, and a to die for Lapsang Souchong. Tea has become my ritual, my serenity, and a cup of peace int he evenings.

I take my camping pot, which I keep at my desk, and head to the kitchen. I put the water on to boil, and head to the necessary. When I return, the water is bubbling and happy. I take my little pot of hot goodness back to the desk, and prepare the cauldron… my cup. I put the bag of choice or whichever looseleaf I’m interested in in the strainer. Put the strainer in the cup, add 2 sweetener packets, and pour the hot liquid over the top.

Once my watch’s timer goes off, I remove the bag or leaves, stir the fragrant deliciousness, and have my first sip. My back eases. All tension leaves my neck. My shoulders drop, and my neck, sometimes pops from relief of strain. From my scalp, to my toes, all cares and worries leave me. For a brief 20 minutes, the world is a perfect, sweet, comfortable place to be.

Afterwards, I pour the dregs into my philodendron. The little bit of cool water left in my camping pot goes in there as well. I grab a fresh flour sack towel, and wipe out both my cup and the strainer, and it goes back into the pride of place spot on my desk. I clean everything else up, and am ready to do the next right thing.

This little ceremony doesn’t have any reproduceable medical benefits, only psychological. For me, it’s better than any anti-depressant I’ve ever taken. It’s certainly cheaper.

I hope you are well, I hope your day is sacred to your soul. I want to Thank You for all you do. Huge hugs, from Minnesota. -L

P.S. I’m thinking of putting a Lapsang Souchong and a lovely Jasmine tea on the next Amazon order. Hmm…

Welp that sucked

Morning all, yesterday was another snuggle the day away, read a little and sleep for the most of it day. We had a bit of a taste of Elsa’s fury over the last couple of days. When that happens, I get to spend the day in bed. It’s life.

I did accomplish a couple of changes around here. I found a home for some things from the desk area, and got some garbage taken out to the curb. Mostly, though I read books.

The one book had promise. It had a good premise, but threw in a cliff hanger in the last chapter. I loathe it when authors do this. Usually, my reviews on the websites reflect how much I hate this idea, and fantasy/sci-fi is chock full of lazy writers who go above and beyond to do this.

The irony, is that I follow a couple of these people on tiktok. They complain about us just as much as I complain about them. My idea is simple. FINISH THE DRATTED BOOK. Don’t ‘continue the story’ in the next book. This is not ‘good writing’ this is just wrong.

Okay, the rant is over, I’m back to your regularly scheduled post.

Today’s plan is to catch up on the chores I couldn’t do yesterday. Then move on to the next thing on the list. I’m also working on the grocery lists for the month. I am quite adept at robbing peter to pay paul.

Hope you are well. Please be gentle with your heart today. Hugs. -L


Morning, happy Monday. I’m still trying to figure out if my coffee is going to be used for good or evil today. Let’s see what happens.

There are some tiny perks to being disabled. My “Boss”, Duke, doesn’t care if it is Monday or Thursday. We get along pretty good, and the snuggling perks are worth it. He just likes his kibble and snacks, and to be let out and back in in a timely manner.

My beloved Shuggie Lump is resting, and I certainly don’t blame him one bit. I’ve had to take over some of the chores for him. Since I’m technically more abled than he is, I’m okay with that. However, there are days when he really needs to get a fricking grip.

There are times I’ve taken the garbage bin out to the curb or back in my pajamas and footies in protest of his rank stupidity. Don’t get me wrong, I love him, but seriously Dude, let me get dressed for the day before you start whinging on and freaking on.

There are reasons I choose Duke as bossman rather than my Husband. Duke whines a lot less.

Today’s chores added to the list are loading and unloading the dishwasher, getting the garbage out, and other simple goodies. Doing this from the chair? Priceless. I get it though, he’s in pain. He can barely move some days.

I try so hard to be pleasant. Though some Mondays, I’d like to tell him to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Hugs my friends, please have a good one. It’s a canned post, I know, but hope I gave you a chuckle. -L