Too hot to stitch, or is it?

Morning. I’ve got the 2nd cuppa here, and the 3rd and 4th are in the pot, ready to be turned into iced coffee to round out my day.

My coffee maker is technically a 5 cupper, but my ideas of a cup never match the manufacturer’s ideas. I normally drink out of 1 liter mugs. A 5 cupper fills one of those with room for creamer, sweetener, and 1 ice cube to bring it down to drinking temp.

When I make iced coffee, I add about 9 ice cubes, my creamer and etc.. and a little thickener, and blitz it in the blender first. This gives me 2 more servings. I don’t drink soda normally, and in fact, the only other caffeine bearing beverage I drink is tea.

Happy end of July. It’s the time of year where baseball is king, the corn is high, and the skeeters are evil rat bastards from the bowels of a bean eating demon. Where I live it is humid enough that even 80 degrees is miserable. So, I lurk near the air conditioner, and we only run the washer/dryer at night.

Now for the stitching.

I’ve got one skirt almost finished. I have to reset my desk area so that the good light falls over my stitching. I sewed half a hem, but only got about 1/3 of it done because I couldn’t see the bobbin had run out of thread. That is cuss word material right there.

I’ve made a skirt for a friend, and I’ve finished a few other projects. The neverending shawls are eeking along at a snails pace, but I have been honestly not bothered horribly with them.

It’s too hot to knit much more than socks or dishcloths.

Even with the lovely air conditioner doing it’s best, it’s a hot bugger out there. I really really don’t like the heat. So, I have to adapt to my surroundings. The problem is, that I don’t try to adapt until it is so miserable out there and in the house, that it’s too hot to change anything. Sighs.

Even the hubs is sleeping during the day, and surviving at night. Sighs.

He galls me that he is smarter than me. I guess I will get over it.

Huge huggage. I will take some pics over the next month for some finished objects.