What was a good day

It was a good day. I recorded a bit, worked on some things and just began to feel good. I was worried though, I hadn’t heard from someone all day, so I called. Why I didn’t hear the “Jaws” theme song at this point, I’m not sure.

“Big mistake, Huge” to quote an actress from a bad movie. So, I’ve shut off my phone, but I can’t shut off my brain. I’m angry, hurt, and wondering why I keep giving 45th and 46th chances.

Now, I need a drink, or at least a smoke and a good jolt of pills for the night.

Life is what it is, the music is still playing.



another day, sore, tired, but alive

Good Morning,
I’m not awake yet, but I’m doing okay. I’ve made and had breakfast. I’ve organized the kitchen a bit, and I’ve done my morning prayers.
I had to sleep in a bit this morning, simply because I rearranged my bedroom late last night. I didn’t fall to sleep until the wee hours, the first time since I moved here.
I have much to do today. I still need to get three desks organized into one. I also need to figure out what to do with so much yarn. And today, I plan to make my spinning wheel. It will be a simple one, but I don’t mind. It’s a spinning wheel. ;o)
I also plan to organize my room some more, and get it ready for other things.
By the way, potty training a shitzu-bishon friese mut is hard. She’s a stubborn little brat.

If you are going through Hell

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If You're Going Through Hell (Before the Devil...
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I had to eat some wheat yesterday. Dad and I had appointments all over, and I was in a position where we had to have a packed lunch because they were running over the lunch hour, and we were stuck. Dad could wait he said to eat, but with my Diabetes, I could not.

Yesterday was also the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday, so I had to pack a non-meat meal that would work both with Dad’s dietary restrictions, and our Religious convictions. Sandwiches became our road-food of choice.

I packed 4 of them, 2 bananas, and an orange. We both had coffee, and we set off for the day. Now gluten-free bread here is so expensive, that I’m not even considering buying it for any reason. I’d rather start smoking if I was going to be picking up a worthless expensive habit for any reason.

But those sandwiches are what did me in. This morning, the arthritis and I are having a “documented discussion” and the arthritis is going to come out on top I’m sure. So, listening to Rodney Atkins for emotional support, I’m jump starting my day.

It’s also part of the “use it or lose it” philosophy I’ve learned. Just keep moving.

I need to buy a Rodney Atkins CD if Dad doesn’t already have one.