The new van is here!


Here she is!  The new Baby!  Her Name is Beauty, and she’s the Beast’s counterpart….  Sighs, I think I’m hopelessly madly in Love!



I’m just ecstatic about the new van, sighs…  I can’t help it.. She’s in good shape, has great lines, low mileage, and just feels great to drive….  She’s my Baby!




a big day and a new van

1996 Dodge Ram Van
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Dodge Ram Van photographed in Bethesda, Maryla...
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1996 Dodge Ram Van, Passenger conversion, 2500...
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1970s Dodge SportVan
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1994-2003 Dodge Ram Van photographed in Colleg...
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Dodge Ram Van photographed in Montreal, Quebec...

Good morning, it’s just after 7 in the morning, and I’ve been awake for half an hour. I’m waiting, for my husband to wake up.  I’m also waiting for the bank to open.

This morning, I’m going to be picking up my van. I have the necessary funds in my bank accounts, and I have quite a bit of paper work to do this morning.

It’s a good thing, and a blessing. But by the word “new” it’s not a recently manufactured vehicle. It’s actually a 1987 Dodge Ram.  It has a wheelchair has a lift, and is in very good shape.

My husband is worried. It seems that he is afraid that I’m going to be “running all over hell” or even worse. What that worse is, I’m not going to elaborate. His fears and paranoia are not entertaining, but I understand.

The funny part about his fears, is for at least 4 months, I’m not going to be going very far. I will be going home once a month starting next month, but that’s not a bad thing. I’ll be going to corrupt and do mischief, but that’s all within the family, and doesn’t count as far as fears go. Or maybe it does.

My family has this innate ability to create mischief and mayhem. We corrupt others, and have quite a bit of fun, enjoying life for its own sake. We like pranks and jokes, and have this instinct for the best humor in original circumstances.

Life is good.  In a few short hours, I will have my van, and in the meanwhile, I’m going to have a cup of coffee, and contemplate my next visit home.


All is well,