Catching up… on sleep

Morning, it’s not quite 1 am, and I’m settled in at the desk. I think I got 14 hours of sleep yesterday. I napped. I napped quite a bit, and I was shocked.

Nothing in my blood sugars or anything else gave me dramatic reasons for napping that much, but I must have needed it.

I even rearranged some due dates for projects to accomodate. I was just whooped.

That said, I missed a few phone calls, and other important things. The thing is, sometimes, just a day off has got to trump everything else.

I’ve been under the weather for a few days now. On those days, only my most comfortable warm clothes will do. I curl up with a long list of youtube videos, plug my tablet in to watch, and just veg.

This isn’t “netflix and chill”, because the hubs and I just can’t. This is turn into a vegetable, and watch people craft or camp online.

That said, I suppose I better grab a cuppa. It’s going to be a long day. Have a good one. -L