Morning all, hope you are well. I’m a little scattered today. I realized that all of my camping gear is scattered throughout all of the tools in the living room. Sighs.

During the garage swap, camping gear got shunted to the living room. Also, several things got left behind on accident, and hopefully, soon those things will be rescued. However, over the next few weeks, I need to prep for the June camp-out. This means that at some point in May, I need to set up my tents, organize my gear, and test some things. I will get it done, I’m just not sure about logistics quite yet.

This first camp-out is recovery related. My friends and I will be camping at a park about 40 minutes from my home. It’s actually closer than the campgrounds that I love. I need to test my cooking gear, clean and store it properly. I also need to go through the kitchen equipment itself, and decide what I will use, and what won’t.

I inherited some gear from friends when they moved. I’m not sure exactly what equipment I have. I do know that there are about 4 totes of things compared to my last trip. Sighs. So, I will start digging through it today. I also want to make sure nothing was damaged in the swap, and check out some tarps that I found in the garage.

So, that’s my plans for the day. I’m also thinking of doing a May camp in South Dakota, my home state. Perhaps include some family time in that camp, as I have some doctoring to do that week. We’ll see what happens.

The camping trips planned are in May, June, July, August, September and October. If the first one in May goes well, and the function in June does, then I will attend more recovery camp-outs in July, August and September. In October, if I make it to 25 years clean, then I will go solo like I did 2 years ago for my 23rd.

If it happens, then I look forward to it. Hugs my friends. I better get back to work. My husband is yelling and cussing because he can’t find something he hasn’t touched in years. Oh well. -L


Let’s try this

Good evening everybody good morning evening whatever.

It’s a pain day from hell. I’m working on just using talk to text today. I’ve got a try something. My husband’s still asleep and i’m hurting too much to move the keyboard in the laptop over to the kitchen.

Pain days have changed since I’ve started taking my anti depressants. The pain is less overall but when it hits its coming back with a vengeance.

I’m hoping beyond all hope,to be able to go camping in June. The camping trip is for the 23rd 24th and 25th and it’s a recovery camp out. My service body is getting together. I believe we’re gonna have fun.

Now you guys know I prefer to camp alone. In this case, though, I want to celebrate recovery with my friends. Yes, this is a Narcotics Anonymous camp out.

So preparations have begun. I’m looking forward to the camp out. I really really wanna go, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m revamping my list of things I’m going to need.

The reason I am revamping my list is because I will have help.

Take care my friends I love you. I buggy again tomorrow. -L

Camping Prep 2023

Morning all. Hope you are well. Young Master Duke is sleeping so sweetly on the bed, and I’m settled in at the desk. My Beloved has been spoiling me something fierce again.

I’ve been conned into attending a camping event this year in June. Prep for this event has started already. I’ve been going through my camping gear, cleaning and organizing what I will need for 2023.

Things I need to buy:

  • Tent patching kit and sealant. I have some sewing needles and an older tent I might just use as patching materials. For some reason, a treadle sewing machine can sew the weirdest things. The sealant is a must though.
  • Tarps and ground cloth. My husband borrowed my tarps to cover the lawnmower this year. I want those replaced, as I don’t trust a tarp that has spent the winter outside. A couple of tarps need to be altered to fit the footprint of my tent.
  • Burn resistant ground cloths. These will be used under my stove/grill. I don’t want to leave cinders on the ground, let alone have a problem with those.
  • Ash container- metal trash can with a sealed lid should work I want to be absolutely certain I leave no trace behind. Smothering ashes makes more sense than being sorry.
  • A better hatchet and camping knife. Those are a must. Even a bow saw that comes apart would be an improvement.
  • Gear totes. I want a couple of totes that work better than the current system I use.
  • A decent cooler. Insulin keeps me alive. I currently put a fabric cooler inside a cooler inside a larger cooler to keep the insulin cool but not frozen.


Tents do need to be sealed and repaired as I said. I plan on sealing them, but also sealing the stitches that I make in them. Why replace something that works but only has a couple of small holes?

I am tempted to get a sleeping pad for my cot, but am ambivalent about it. I have some old ones, but I might sew a sleeve for them. I also plan on stitching up a couple of sleeping bag liners.

I’m going to swap out some of the gear I bought in the last year for stuff from the house. I prefer more sturdy tools, and will designate those for camping.

Now, for camping dates/times. I have 3 away from home trips in mind. The one is the event I have been conned into doing. The 2nd is one month later. There’s another event I plan to attend, which is a 1 day situation. If I go camping, I don’t have to drive home in the dark.

The 3rd is my October Camp. That’s the biggun. If I don’t choke and be stupid, it’s my 25th year clean and sober in the fall. I’m thinking of a longer trip, to a warmer place for this camp.

I’m also thinking that going to my home state for this camp just isn’t gonna work this time. So, I’m planning a trip of a week or 2. We will see. I’m saving my nickels and dimes. Let’s see what happens!

Hugs my friends. Take care, -L

How cold is too cold?

Morning all, hope you are well. We are behaving, within reasonable limits. As I am completely convinced that people of my direct ancestry can not in good conscience behave much at all, this is the best that anyone can hope for.

Young Master Duke is outside barking his fool head off. Of course, normally I write singing the song of his people, but in this case it is the former. He needs to poop. He really needs to poop. So, he gets to be outside for a few. Please do not worry, he has a full coat on, and it is almost 30 degrees out there.

My Beloved is in the kitchen behind me. I think he is aiming for either a sandwich or some toast. He certainly is making more noise than my keyboard. Snort. Heck, at least he is grabbing something.

I’ve already cleaned the bathroom this morning. I have to do some laundry yet, and since the washer and dryer are in the bathroom, double win. I can swap loads the next time I recycle coffee.

By the way, sandwich for the win.

It’s a lovely day today, and after the chores are done, I’m planning to sneak out there and misbehave. I’m going to drag the tote with some of the camping gear out with me. I can make coffee, relax, and watch the squirrels and rabbits.

Duke will be with me. And to answer the question in the title. Too cold is when my body locks up. So, I plan to be out as long as I can today. Working on some skills, and relaxing. Also, since we have an abundance of twigs and other mayhem, my tiny little stove will be just fine boiling a little water.

The day looks promising. Take care my friends. Hugs from the wheelchair. -L

I suppose.

Morning all, Young Master Duke has made the executive decision that he needs to be spoiled today. I’m getting ready to take some morning meds, and my Beloved is out cold.

I’ve had a couple of cups of coffee so far. The brain still needs to be kickstarted. Meanwhile, we are warm, safe and well-fed. Life is good.

We boycotted Black Friday successfully this year. I make it a point to not leave the house the Friday after Thanksgiving. I also make it a point to not spend a dime from Thanksgiving until December 1st. Why?

I’ve watched. The prices are not that great, the quality is not that great, and I just don’t want to spend the time or the effort, let alone the money.

One thing I did do… I went and mini-camped. Meaning, I hit the back yard, and did everything for camping except set up the tent. The temperatures were warm enough that a sweater with a lap blanket were all I needed.

I brought some stitches, I had my headphones fully charged. Duke and I had a blast. The squirrels were a little ticked, because we were in the road. That’s their problem, I suppose.

We had a lovely lazy day.

I’m still stitching, still breathing, and still behaving a little. Take care my friends. -L