How cold is too cold?

Morning all, hope you are well. We are behaving, within reasonable limits. As I am completely convinced that people of my direct ancestry can not in good conscience behave much at all, this is the best that anyone can hope for.

Young Master Duke is outside barking his fool head off. Of course, normally I write singing the song of his people, but in this case it is the former. He needs to poop. He really needs to poop. So, he gets to be outside for a few. Please do not worry, he has a full coat on, and it is almost 30 degrees out there.

My Beloved is in the kitchen behind me. I think he is aiming for either a sandwich or some toast. He certainly is making more noise than my keyboard. Snort. Heck, at least he is grabbing something.

I’ve already cleaned the bathroom this morning. I have to do some laundry yet, and since the washer and dryer are in the bathroom, double win. I can swap loads the next time I recycle coffee.

By the way, sandwich for the win.

It’s a lovely day today, and after the chores are done, I’m planning to sneak out there and misbehave. I’m going to drag the tote with some of the camping gear out with me. I can make coffee, relax, and watch the squirrels and rabbits.

Duke will be with me. And to answer the question in the title. Too cold is when my body locks up. So, I plan to be out as long as I can today. Working on some skills, and relaxing. Also, since we have an abundance of twigs and other mayhem, my tiny little stove will be just fine boiling a little water.

The day looks promising. Take care my friends. Hugs from the wheelchair. -L

I suppose.

Morning all, Young Master Duke has made the executive decision that he needs to be spoiled today. I’m getting ready to take some morning meds, and my Beloved is out cold.

I’ve had a couple of cups of coffee so far. The brain still needs to be kickstarted. Meanwhile, we are warm, safe and well-fed. Life is good.

We boycotted Black Friday successfully this year. I make it a point to not leave the house the Friday after Thanksgiving. I also make it a point to not spend a dime from Thanksgiving until December 1st. Why?

I’ve watched. The prices are not that great, the quality is not that great, and I just don’t want to spend the time or the effort, let alone the money.

One thing I did do… I went and mini-camped. Meaning, I hit the back yard, and did everything for camping except set up the tent. The temperatures were warm enough that a sweater with a lap blanket were all I needed.

I brought some stitches, I had my headphones fully charged. Duke and I had a blast. The squirrels were a little ticked, because we were in the road. That’s their problem, I suppose.

We had a lovely lazy day.

I’m still stitching, still breathing, and still behaving a little. Take care my friends. -L

Camping prep

Morning all, I need something to look forward to, and so I am planning an away camping trip.

I have the dates planned, and this time, I will be gone for a week. I just have to have hope. I’m just hoping that with the physical therapy I can do better than the last few times.

So, here’s the plan. Experience has taught me that some of the equipment I have isn’t quite right. So, I’m going to grab a couple of small things. The biggest thing is a replacement sleeping bag, and a little gas stove thingy. I was to be able to boil water quicker and safer.

Next, are simple survival things. Over winter, I spent most of my time organizing, acquiring, and sharpening. I need to be able to cut wood. So, an addition will be a bow saw.

Other than that, I will be ready to go. I will vary some of the food items I will be bringing, but hey, I like variety. My beloved bought me a cook set, a little different than the other ones I have. It’s a nice one, a bit bigger than I expected, but it will work.

So, that’s about it. I just need to get my body ready to go. That will take a little time.

Hugs my friends. My husband is getting himself in and out of bed. I’m forever grateful, and for right at the moment, we are okay. -L

I’m saving money

This was a little unexpected. Recently, Amazon changed how I am supposed to buy books. I know, it has something to do with google, and something to do with… snooze. What it boils down to, is that I can no longer buy books in the kindle app. I can’t even purchase them on the amazon app.

I am only allowed to purchase them via a browser. I normally see one of my author friends has published a book, and I look it up. I normally if it is less than 5 dollars, buy it directly.

Now, I have to whack it into a ‘list’ and then later go back and buy the dratted thing from a browser. I am certain that there is a reason for this, and it may even be valid. However, my browsing habits are lazy af.

If I have to go to a browser, I generally won’t purchase something right away. I save it, for a much later time. That ‘list’ I have? Unless the book drops dramatically in price, I normally don’t ever open it again.

So, I’m not supporting my favorite authors. I’m not buying near as many books, and amazon isn’t getting my money. I’m also not buying those books on google books either.

So, in reality, the 20 per month I am saving this way… will probably go towards some funky camping item. It’s the circle of life.

Whenever amazon and google pull the wedgies out of their arses, it will change again. However, I’m doing a camping trip prep. I’ve decided that the week of my birthday, if the hubs is okay, I will be off to the great outdoors. I’m going to my favorite park, and camp.

Note: You are still stuck with me that week, but that’s a problem for another day. -L

Molle Bag and add-ons

Hello all, am taking a few minutes to write a ‘normal’ post. Young Master Duke is begging to go outside, and I’m whiny.

Recently, I purchased a Molle backpack, and some accessories, and thought I would do a review.

First things first, why did I a chubby womba in a wheelchair choose a tactical bag for my effective purse? Especially when I almost never leave the dratted house?

Customization. I can rearrange the thing, with accessories to do almost anything. I could turn it into a knitting bag, for instance, and have room for all the notions. I could have it be a medical kit, complete with band aids, wraps, and the like. I could even turn it into a writing bag. It is also possible to turn it into an overnight bag for camping.

That said, what am I using it for? All of the above. This is my 2nd molle bag. The first was actually my range bag. I used it for my EDC, cleaning kit, and extra ammo.

However, once I left the farm, I no longer needed it for that purpose, and it lay dormant in a trunk. You know I follow campers and preppers on social media, and one of them gave me a heck of an idea.

First, I purchased the new molle bag. I knew that my husband’s surgery was coming up, and if they had to keep him I would be screwed. I set up the original bag as an overnighter. It has incontinence products, extra clothes, and a deodorant. As my meds ride in a cooler bag, this worked well. As I have a crew cut, I didn’t need hair care. A toothbrush and mini paste went in a pocket.

The new bag got a book, the tablet I normally write with, my kindle and some first aide. It also held a utility knife, and other misc toys. This effectively was my purse. I strapped it to the back of the wheelchair when I had to leave the vehicle.

Both bags strap well to the wheelchair together, and I have some clips that make it make better sense as a “single unit”.

Other items that I use are little mesh pencil bags for back to school. Kleenex tiny lotion bottles, and other misc fit perfectly in them, and they fit great in either bag.

Those ‘travel accessories’ kits sold by mega stores. They are less than 5 dollars. Lots of things work with them, and they are useful for camping as well as edc needs.

Altoids tins. I am desperately in love with altoids tins. From cigarette cases, to emergency ash trays they have a million uses. I use altoids to help settle my stomach when I have to take medications. So I have plenty. Eventually, they will completely replace cigarette cases. They last longer, and are stronger.

Some pouches have arrived, molle style, and I spent about half an hour resetting my system this afternoon. Three of the pouches are for holding water or soda bottles. Another 3 are for holding extras, including my wallet and other needs. They strap onto the main bags, and are a lifesaver.

The neatest thing about this, is that this makes more places accessible for me. From my wheelchair, I can survive and get on with most activities of daily living. I don’t have to worry about not having some form of something that I really need that would be a tragedy if I didn’t have.

Next month, I will be getting a few more pouches and such. Some of them are designed to attach to the wheelchair, but the manufacturers didn’t realize this.

The biggest limit to my ability to go out and do things is medical. If I don’t have my supplies with me, it turns into hell on wheels quick. Molle bags help me survive. I am happy.

Take care my friends. Peace, -L