I goofed up my back a few weeks ago. The pain has interfered with everything. Housework had to wait especially laundry.
So, I ended up spending a few days in bed.
Tylenol became my life.
I am slowly healing, but laundry is at a premium. Today I get to schlep the laundry up and down the basement stairs. Ugh.
Louise Ann Benjamin



Not quite awake yet, laying in bed enjoying the snuggle up under the warm covers.
It is my favorite part of the day.

I found my way to the local McDonalds.
Coffee is good. 
I actually am working  
I made my way to the local meeting. 
One fella wanted me to shut my tablet off.
Chuckle, it has all of my literature on it. Literature I use during meetings.
This little tablet has hundreds of pounds of books downloaded and saves me hundreds in chiropractic bills.
So, no I did not shut my tablet off.
With the rest of the afternoon, I went to help a buddy with his blog, arriving home only after two in the afternoon.
Now, with a hot cuppa, and a relaxing moment, I am ready for the next part of my day.