Weird home remedies.

Here in Southern Minnesota, its a crapshoot on what I use for simple remedies. I was raised on the fizzy aspirin pills in water.. plop plop fizz fizz and the pink bismuth liquid for almost everythinng.

Since then, of course I’ve upped my arsenal. We use bandaids, allergy medicine, and cough suppresants. We have hot tea with honey, and I often have a cuppa before bed.

Other weird remedies are horse liniment, mentholatum, and even common sense.

Common sense on a remedy? Heck yeah. If I burn myself, I grab some ice or at least run it under cold water. I don’t use some of the ‘older’ remedies because that would introduce both salt and milk solids to the wound, and thus cause bacteria to form.

Other common sense things, if I am bleeding, stop the bleeding, and if it severe enough, go to the ER. If I break a bone, see someone to get it set.

For toothache, whoops, that’s an iffy. You see I don’t have dental insurance, so medical help depends. If it gets infected, I see a Dr. They can prescribe antibiotics. Folks have died from mouth infections. Hatshepsut surely did, according to archaeologists.

Yet, when it comes to home remedies, one thing I don’t do. I don’t follow a celebreties advice, or a blogger’s advice when it comes to keeping my body alive for the next 24 hours let alone.

For example, the only times I have swallowed charcoal, was to counteract the poisons I had taken. This was in an emergency department. They were trying to save the life I was trying to leave.

The only times I have taken other ‘miracle cures’ where when I took them for other reasons. There was the great grape fruit diets of my youth. I love grape fruit. I REALLY love grapefruit. But I’m not going to have more than the occasional, simply because I’m not that stupid.

The all dairy diets… Quick way to get bound up, badly. The other fads… Just, why?

However, you have to choose what works for you. I am assuming that you are a responsible adult. Any decisions you make on this blog post are your own. Also note that you need to do your own research.

Take care, be safe, make decisions based on Data, please. I think his cat Spot would like it. 😉 -L