Loom knitting

Morning all, writing on a break between tantrums here. We are back to the whole man-cold stage. I have no doubts at all that he is in pain. I also know that he needs to get up and do or he will be stuck for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, I have some knitting looms. I don’t often use them, as I also have other knitting toys to play with. Yet, during this time, when I have to be able to get up at a moment’s notice, the loom works great for my needs.

I use a cable needle as the pick, and I currently either have a pouch or a sock on the loom. We will see.

For those who naysay loom knitting, bite me. I get a knitted item at the end, and no, you can’t tell the difference.

The sets I own are a hodge podge of looms from all over. Some were scrounged, some were store bought. I can make everything from socks to shawls on the silly things. Sometimes, just zoning out going round and round in circles helps.

On that note, somebody is ranting in the dining room, and I better refill his coffee. Take care my friends. -L

Why don’t I write as much about the knitting?

Morning all. This question hit me like a rock the other day ago. It wasn’t something that one of you sent in, it was one of my own.

I am so much more than a knitter. Yes, when I started this blog back in the dark ages, I did the podcast and all sorts of nonsense. I was out to take over the world.

Over time, I stopped the podcast. Back then, podcasts were not sponsored, unless you were “How Stuff works” from the discovery channel. Yes, the discovery channel used to own that and a bunch of other podcasts.

I would produce almost daily, and talked about books, knitting, other things and recovery. I still do, on a simplified version, the blog itself. It’s much cheaper to just have a blog, and to write than to pay for internet, hosting and all the equipment.

Life is still good, even on pain days. However, this doesn’t address the knitting. Let me put a pin in this, and talk about yesterday.

At 1 in the morning, my beloved sent me text saying he had his pre-surgery Dr’s appointment. I invented some silent swear words. I also dealt with it. I stayed up as long as I could, caught a quick nap, and then took him to the Dr. His appointment was at 2 pm. I’d had a 90 minute nap.

Whilst he was occupied, I snuck into sprally world. I grabbed a cooler to purchase. (I have a hoard of similar items.) I also went to the pharmacy. My insulin needs to be kept cold, and I am always looking to upgrade the system. After the pharmacy, I was intending to get my beloved iced coffee from my favorite little nook.

Sadly, that was not meant to be, and the Husbeasterly unit decided he needed to be picked up. Grr… Iced Coffee!!!!!!! Okay, I went and picked himself up instead, and then headed to kwiktrip.

Okie dokie. Once there, I grabbed bread, milk, and some needful things. Then paid and loaded the car. My beloved was in too much pain, and stayed in the car. I put the cart away, and we went home.

Once there, I unloaded all but one bag, locked the vehicle, and we came in. Breakfast was some hot sandwhiches, chips and milk. I did a grocery order, and then crashed until the groceries were ready for pickup. It was after 5:30 pm by then.

At 7:50pm, I woke up, scrubbed my face, and drove to get the minimal grocery order. It was mostly doggy treats for young Master Duke. I stopped at Walgreens, picked up some things to keep my head pretty, and came home.

On repeat, I unloaded the car, put everything away, and sat at the desk. I had 1 diet sunkist orange, and then basically hit the bed. At 11pm, I crashed until this morning.

I didn’t pick up one stitch at all the whole 24 hours.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still stitch. I really do. I also post videos on tiktok as tetchedistress1972. However, I don’t have much to write about on the stitching line.

Nowadays, I mostly write about camping, life as a disabled woman, and trying to stay sane in a mad world. Once in awhile, I will write about recovery. Yet at the end of the day yesterday, my energy bar was so depleted, that no magical bean water was going to save me, and I’m sure Iborrowed against today’s adventures.

It’s okay. Life is still good. Besides, I did get a 2 liter diet soda out of the deal. I’m currently conquering that, and will fart copiously later.

Stay crazy my friends. -L

Another rainy day

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is outside watering those things he wants to water, and I’m nestled in at the desk. Mr Grumpy is awake, and growling at his phone. That’s his phone’s problem.

Yesterday, Young Master Duke and I sat in the garage to watch the rain again. We enjoyed a little stitching time and he watched the kids acrossed the road play between the storms. A squirrel teased him by pole dancing in the lilac bush. I was enterained by the squirrels antics.

Watching a squirrel pole dancing was not something I thought…

Anyhow, we were out there until almost dark. The only problem is that the neighbors across the road are being kept an eye on by two lovely pooches, and Duke was intimidated by the one. He ended up in my lap, and he was soaking wet from ear to tail when that dog came out.

Sighs. So, even though I was inside the garage, I ended up soaking wet myself, and smelling like a wet doggo. To add insult to injury, he managed to hit one of my trigger points, and lightning shot through my body.

We eventually made it inside the house again, and I chose the point of valor, rather than whimper to express myself.

Life is still good. Still stitching, one row at a time. Take care my friends. Take care. -L

The giant tote of books, under the bed.

Morning, hope your coffee is at the perfect temp, and the day goes smoothly for you.

I am slowly converting the book shelves over into yarn and fabric storage. This is an interesting task. I found my old ipad mini 4, which hasn’t worked in quite awhile. The good news, is that the case from it fits my new samsung tablet almost perfectly. I can’t complain, it’s 20 dollars in my pocket I don’t have to spend on a newer case.

The tote I was using for most of the yarn is the largest that Sprally world sold at the time. I ended up throwing all of the books from one shelving unit in it, swapping out the yarn and fabric for the books. I still have more yarn and fabric, and many many more books to swap out. I’m going to have to do the same with the other totes, in order to make it work right. One shelf is reserved for notebooks yet, but those are project notebooks anyway.

Sadly, dead trees take up a lot of room, but I don’t have enough room for yarn in the tote system I have. I can’t access the fabrics I want to use either, so it’s going to have to be a swap out. Yes, I will miss my books, but I have hundred of books on kindle and audio book. We aren’t even talking about the books I have for knitting and crochet or sewing.Those still have room on the shelves on my desk.

Most of the books getting moved are old recovery books that I have long since replaced on my kingle app. Yes, I know, J.B. over at Amazon is evil. I don’t care. My tablet is much lighter than a physical book, and it works great for my hands.

I like having my books available on my phone at all times as well. Meanwhile, I’m going to have to keep working at it. I have 3 shelves to fill with fabric and yarn as well as tool storage to arrange. I guess this means that I am getting serious about the fiber arts, doesn’t it.

I suppose I best get back to work. Have a great day. Hugs. -L

A few of my stitching tools

Morning all, thought I’d do a walk through of my favorite stitching tools. Let’s start with the sewing category.


Starting with my treadle sewing machines… Singer model 66 from 1924. I’ve converted her to hand crank. She is just beautiful. Then we have the New Home machine. She is older, and still in the repair and upgrade mode. Lastly, the Brother lx3817. All 3 models are work horses, and I swear I have stitched miles through these machines.

For hand sewing, I have my huswiffe… I started with a singer sewing kit with zipper. I got it at Walmart and I modified it to fit my needs. This kit goes into whatever stitching bag I have running. It’s bright pink. Some mods I’ve made is adding some of my favorite thimbles, and I made a simple needle book I made. I swapped out the nippers for some older ones which were shaped like a crane. I added a sponge, a few needle threaders and a sponge as well as extra nippers. I grab this first for every stitching project which involves thread.

For individual tools, I buy my hand sewing needles in ultra fine. I get my thread in thrift stores. I buy older sewing kits and often there is thread there. My favorite nippers are generic. For thimbles, I have all makes and models. Individual tools here just don’t matter.

Why do I have 3 sewing machines when I have a working model 66 singer? For the same reason I have both a sports bra and another type of bra. They do different things.

Knitting and Crochet

I’m lumping these together as there is so much cross over in tools.

Pouches, makeup bags, coin purses.. little pouches as well. So many knitting notions get jumbled together. Small dollar store pouches for the win.

I get those kits of knitting notions, cheap just a couple of dollars, and they work exceptionally well. I spread them amongst my pouches of things, which fit into a makeup bag, and holy crap… knitterly gold.

Now here’s where I am a hypocrite. I have chiaogoo interchangeable needles, but then again, I have the cheapest needles as well. For everyday knitting needles, those that are to make dishcloths and such… I have cheap knock off sets of ten to fourteen inch straights. For crochet, whatever knock off set or partial set I can get anywhere. Yet the most expensive thing in any case is the chiaogoo.


I have every type of knitting bag or craft bag you could imagine. Weird, since I am a hermit. However, splitting up projects into their own bag with all the tools except for the huswiffe, makes a happy medium for me. I have a separate huswiffe with knitting/crochet specific tools. They both live together in a main pouch. My favorite, is a homemade one that I took a tshirt and made into a bag.

The final outcome

I have other tools, we aren’t talking about spinning or weaving quite yet. The 4 big ones, the sewing machines and the chiaogoo are big ticket items. The rest are generic or items that I bought in thrift stores. When an item wears out, holy crap, I’m out what, 50 cents? Not heart breaking.

I hope 2022 is treating you well. Hugs, take care, -L