Help, my desk is trying to kill me!

Morning all, coffee and I are bff’s right now, and I think maybe my cold dead heart is beating again.

I’ve been sitting at this desk for a couple of years now, and it goes through surges of being cleaned as well as moments of ‘oh boy.’

This morning, we are closer to ‘run while you can’ than even that low ‘oh boy’ threshold. I’m thinking it’s time to just grab a garbage can and haul out everything that just isn’t needful.

It’s not just empty coffee cups and water bottles here. It’s books I don’t use regulary anymore. It’s craft supplies, it’s files in the wrong place, it’s things stacked and then stacked again.

There used to be a show where a guy and a crew would come in, clear a house out completely, and the home owners would sort through their stuff pitching and selling what wasn’t necessary.

Then there’s Adam Savage with his levels of what’s needed first is the most easily accessed.

I need both. I really really do. I did have good intentions with fall cleaning, and I did make progress…However, I’m still human, and other things got in the way.


I suppose I better get to work on this before the books come to life and attack me.

If you don’t hear from me in a few days… send in the cavalry. I think it’s going to take at least that to get me out from under this time. -L