A day out

Duke and I have the garage door open. He is watching to see what happens out here.

I started by going to the pharmacy. I found a snuggle blanket out clearance. I know cold weather will be coming back before I know it. Then I came home to drop off my insulin.

After a bit of rest, I headed out for a nice lunch. I was still out when my husband started freaking that I wasn’t home.

The thing is, I needed time away. I needed time to sort through my thoughts and emotions. I didn’t get it. He needed me to head to his bank, which I did do. He then freaked because I went to his bank.

Sighs. Finally, I went to the thrift store. I got some more books, and came home. It wasn’t worth fighting to get time away. I took a long nap and here we are.

I just don’t have the energy to fight for my serenity anymore. -L


It is hard

Settled in at the desk in the office. The neighborhood kids are having fun. Duke is whining right now.

His buddy may have moved. We don’t know. They just aren’t there right now.

Rough day, Dad has a new diagnosis. He will be in the hospital for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, I am doing the numb to my toes thing again. It is normal.

Need to curl up in a ball for a bit. Take care. -L