A short story I wrote

Body Snatcher

Well, according to the Urban Dictionary, a body snatcher could be many things. We first showed up in modern media as an alien in a movie who clones people and replaces them in society. Other versions are teenaged girls who clone their friend’s behaviors until you can’t tell them apart.


Urban dictionary aside, we’ve always been around, longer than humans really. Some would call us a parasite, and some, if they knew what we really are, would call upSG1 to eradicate us. We aren’t evil, really, we just want to get along.

Once humans evolved, we switched from the occasional saber tooth or mammoth, even the bigger game to take on humanity. Our children are spread like an infection. Kinda like tribbles, we are born pregnant. Our game is that we just want to live. 

We don’t hurt our hosts, that’s counter productive. We just want to live long and happy lives. How are we transmitted? It used to be through sex, but then as time passed, we had to infect our hosts through accidental blood exposures, or even through sharing of straws, eating a bite of someone’s food, or eventually sneezing and other biological means.

My parent’s host was a good one. Fed us well, with good nutrients, and took excellent care of their body. I transmitted through a cough to my current host, and soon regretted it. My old host was a Doctor in the emergency room, so many of my siblings were transmitted through touch, or a wiping of a brow. 

Sadly, when my current host came in, comatose from diabetic sugar overdose, they hadn’t bathed in a month. My host coughed through the smell, as they helped the EMT’s load the patient on the table. My parental host about vomited from the stench.

However, soon enough, after some good care, and major insulin injections, my new host was sent home. It took awhile for me to spread enough to gain sentience again. Almost immediately, an over dose of sugars and carbohydrates just about took me out. Then there was the cigarette smoking, and the energy drinks. I swear, I almost died three or four dozen times. 

I was getting desperate, I couldn’t reproduce effectively. I was starving to death from lack of nutrition, being bombarded constantly with salt and carbohydrates. The carcinogens were hard enough. It is rare, but finally, I had to invade the brain. 

This poor bastard was a chain smoking 3 packs a day, spending all of his time on a couch, and gaming. He literally lived on energy drinks, chips and smokes. His whole life was being an imaginary bad ass while the funk from his body built up to gag inducing levels.

His parent had found him half dead and called an ambulance, but this loser didn’t care. Their only goal in life was the game. 

This just had to stop. I wanted to live, and I was dying. I started with the smoking. I sent aversion chemicals through his body every time he lit a cigarette. Eventually, it became so painful to take a puff that the sod quit. I then started on the meal plan. The same craving they had for cigarettes, I screwed with the seratonin levels and made it for vegetables and healthy foods.

I was literally dying the day that they started eating healthy enough that I could live. Then I worked aversion on the gaming. This was the hardest. They had to get out there and move or their heart would give out. Everytime they started the game, I put in such an aversion that they started to vomit.

I’d be gleeful, but I had so much work to do. I still couldn’t reproduce, and I really wanted children. Working in the urge to move, and to exercise was pretty hard, but it finally happened. Most of my siblings had already had great grand children by the time I was able to have offspring of my own.

Now to get this lunatic out of the house. The urge to be productive and prosperous was the last tweek I worked on. There was the unused college education, and played with the chemicals in his brain until he got a job, and moved out of his parents house. 

My last act, for my offspring, was the urge to love someone. My host started to date, and my offspring were finally passed on one night during the summer 3 years in. 

I’d used my all to make my host worthy of me. And finally, he became a most glorious host. We don’t often communicate with our parents, it’s almost impossible. But my host went to the Dr for a checkup. I took completely over at that point, to talk. 

My parent said, “I’m so proud of you. I had to work as hard with my host. They too were a gamer, but much younger when I took over. Live long my child. Live long, and prosper.”