I can’t get warm

Good morning, it’s colder than heck right now, and I can’t get warm. Every once in awhile instead of a hot flash, I get the opposite, a cold flash. Nothing I can do to fix it, so I roll with it. Too bad the hot flashes don’t happen in winter, and the cold flashes don’t happen in August.

Other than freezing my tail off, I have a few chores to do today. I want to head to the library for an hour or two. I want to take a load to the Bible Mission. I also want to work on some bookwork and study.

I’m thinking that after lunch I will head out. I have a meeting to plan for, and I want to do my best to help others.

Meanwhile, I’m still freezing. I am thinking of short circuiting my brain and taking a very hot bath. Hugs. -L


Wait, what?

Morning, am finally stepping down from the Merry-Go-Round for the morning. I’ve had a cup of coffee, I think. I’ve taken care of my body. I’ve been on the horn way too long.

I need a break. A simple, recharge the batteries break. So, today, I’m scheduling some time to stitch. That’s the one thing about chaos. I enjy coming up with solutions to problems, however, I don’t enjoy it 24/7/365. Maybe that’s a symptom of growth.

Last night, I went to a couple of meetings. I ended up accepting a temp service commitment. This morning, I have done my weekly conference call with my sibling, and have some study to do shortly.

The chaos, adding things to my schedule unexpectedly, happens. How I act or react to it, is on me. So, to recharge, I’m going to stitch. I’m going to the library tomorrow, and I”m going to donate to the local mission.

I feel better about things now. Writing, and reading also help recharge my batteries. Gentle hugs my friends. Take care. -L

Scurry Scoo, good morning, I know, I’ve gotta work.

Morning,to the casual observer, I’m a bit bilingual. Duke, and his siblings over the years and I have developed a language that we use to talk to each other.

While I don’t bark or yip, I do snort, snarl and growl quite well. Duke wakes me up with snuggles, and we have long talks while cuddling.

The title of this post is the last thing I said to Duke before writing this morning. Scurry is the same in both languages, Scoo is the short hand for scoot.

Snawgle, well that’s the word we can up with for full body cuddling while I rub his belly.

The rest, well that’s wimpers, grunts and growls.

I need to keep this short. My husband has finally figured out that the piece of crap he bought is only occasionally actually a microwave. The rest of the time it is a thing that sits and collects dust. Sighs. It’s broken again. Take care. -L

PEBKAC problems

Morning all, hope you are well. I have assimilated my coffee, taken my medications, and solved all the universe’s problems so far today. That’s bull pocky and you know it.

I’ve taken my meds and drank some coffee medicinally.

The Husband and I have agreed to study the Bible together. This means that I, of one denomination, and him, of a chaos denomination will be studying. I am doing this, perhaps in protest, not because I am an angel or a saint. I’m doing this because he cares about it.

This morning, he’s as anxious as I was on Friday. He’s scared about my seeing a therapist. I’m scared about my seeing a therapist. Something she said yesterday is spurring on this change. It echoes something my sponsor said to me. I have a problem with consistency.

So, since the source of all my problems Exists Between the Keyboard and Chair, I need to work on my relationship with my Husband. It’s the one most fraught with conflict. He is interested in Biblical scholarship. I actually am too, I just…

Okay the prophesy stuff gives me the heebie jeebies. He’s interested in that crap.

I better get back to work. Gentle hugs. -L

Writing in the park

Morning all, hope you are well. Munkin and I are at the park and I’m trying to decompress a little. I’m still a bit freaked out from my therapy appointment. On boarding a new therapist is what I did today. My heart is still going mach 80.

I am pretty sure that the dragon drove to the park. I’d loaded my laptop bag to find somewhere to sit and write for awhile. I didn’t expect that I’d prop the laptop on the steering wheel to write. I thought I’d find somewhere with coffee. Instead, I have A&W rootbeer, a dragon stuffy, and a smoke or 4. I don’t want to go home.

That’s about all I can do for now. Take care my friends. -L