Knitting update:

Morning all, have settled in again for a bit of writing and then my knitting work.

Today’s plan. If the weather cooperates, I’m going to settle in on the patio. I have my cold weather sitting tent, an electric heater, and a thermos to keep me company. I’m thinking of running a drop cord to the heater and watching some movies while I knit.

By, if the weather cooperates, I mean if it’s not raining or snowing, I’m going to try to get out there. The hubs doesn’t like it when I randomly erect a tent in the yard, and leave it up.

I have no clue why. It’s not like our property value is going to go down you know. I might even set up Hope instead, and sneak on out there to relax. We will see. Hope is a Trekker Tent 3 from River Country Products. Like I said before, I can put her up from the wheelchair.

The biggest draw for getting outside for me is the fresh air, and the out of the house bit. While I’m at it, I might get the car cleared out, and organize some of my gear. I want to be able to bug out when needed around here.

There are times my character defects write a check that I can’t cash. I need alone time, away from the Hubs, other people, and just to get the sick out of my head.

So, at least for today, depending on the weather, Hope and I will have a bit of a therapy session.

That’s all for today, take care, stay warm. -L