Knitterly deadlines

Like many others, I get the most done when there is a deadline in front of me. Yesterday’s post proves it.

I have a knitting deadline due this week. Okay, I have a few. The pressure is on, and I hear John Deacon’s familiar riff playing in the background. Freddie is about to sing the word “Pressure”…

Yes, I love Queen, if you must know. Homefree and Avi Kaplan aren’t my only loves.

In the first project, I have probably a square foot left to knit. In the others, a couple more square feet. So, it’s time to buckle down and get to work isn’t it?

Ooh, Amazon had this on sale…. And Walmart has some more yarn. There’s that book I haven’t finished reading, and isn’t it time to dye my hair again?

Oh, and I need to….

I need to knit. That’s what I need to do. That deadline isn’t changing, and it is getting closer. As David Bowie sings, “Caring about ourselves…” I better pick up my needles. -L