Not shopping today

Morning all, it’s black Friday again, and as is traditional, we don’t leave the house. In fact, the only one who goes out, Duke, only does so to go potty.

Many years ago, I worked a Black Friday sale at a mega store. I had pneumonia. That sucked. The whole lips are blue, couldn’t breathe, mandatory had to work or get fired… Yep. I am sure I spread my cold to each and every person who went through my line that day.

Never again have I darkened a store on black Friday. Watching people lose their “Minnesota Nice” over crap that would be in a landfill in 2 years just made me shudder.

We will be okay, without the possibility of getting trampled or worse. We will save our nickles, and wait. Besides, Christmas at our house is really really laid back. We do the tree, lights, and the like. However, we don’t go all out. We do the keep it simple version.

Anyways, if you all are out there, trying to buy stuff. Please be careful. Will check in with you again tomorrow. -L