Step 6-12 in NA and afterwards.

See the Blog Posts for Steps 1-5. You will need all of your previous work, the books and etc.. Follow the proceedures.

Note: this is not to replace sponsorship, this is how I work the steps, not the only way to work the steps. Also, Page numbers are no longer going to be included, the proceedure is the same throughout the program.

BT: Read, highlight and etc…. One segment at a time. Go on to the IW, then the SWG. Take a break about every 5 days, and 1 day between the steps.

When You are finished with step 12… Then the real work begins. Read pages 54-107 out of the BT, one segment at a time. Take notes, and work through the information. You will need the Sponsorship book, and Living Clean the Journey continues. Before hitting those, go it IW, and work through the traditions. Then move on to The sponsorship book and etc..

After you are done with all of that, maybe a year has gone by. It’s time to start over with step one again. I also redo the steps with each maor life event, no matter what area of recovery I am currently working on. About half an hour a day outside of meetings and sponsorship is about right, except in the first year.

When you have questions, ask the members with time who have worked the program from the books. They are out there. Also, don’t forget to mark the sheet out of your books, correlations, cross-references, and definitions go in the margins.

Hugs, and best of warm thoughts to you. -L

Step 5 for NA

See steps 1-4 before doing this step. This is how I work the Steps in NA, not the only method etc…

Note: I schedule doing my 5th step with another human before I start the work. This gives me a definite deadline. It also ensures that I don’t procrastinate. I’m no longer in Highschool, and therefore cramming the night before does jack squat for me.

You will need your step work done so far, as well as all of the things mentioned in Step 1 and 4 blog posts.

Day 1: BT: Read PP31-33, follow proceedures.

Day 2: IW: 49-58, may want to break this up over 2 days. Follow Proceedsures.

Day 3 onwards: SWG: One section per day PP 45-51. Go back over all your previous step work, including what you have written in the SWG for 5, then, sit down and pray. When it is time for your appointment, follow what your sponsor suggests. If you are doing step 5 with your sponsor, if they want you to bring your book bag and previous work, do so. Hugs, Always.

Step 4 for NA

Go back over the blog posts for Steps 1-3 for methods, needs and proceedures before attempting this step. This is how I work the steps, and is only one of many methods for working the steps. You may also want IP 10, working step 4 in narcotics anonymous.

Note: This one will include the IP. Shorthand for the Books is as follows. BT- Basic Text or Narcotics Anonymous the book; IW- It works, How and Why; IP- IP 10 Working Step 4 in Narcotics Anonymous; SWG- Step Working Guide

Day 1: BT: 27-31, follow proceedure.

Day 2: IW: 36-42, follow Proceedure

Day 3: IW: 42-48, follow Proceedure.

Day 4: IP: 1-5 up to Resentments. Follow Proceedure.

Days 5-10: IP: 5-7, Resentments section. Note this may take longer than 5 days to work through.

Days 10-20: IP: 7-9, Relationships Section, See above, this may take longer.

Days 20-?: IP: With each section take a week. See above, may take longer. You will want to take a 24 hour break about once per week.

Day ?: SWG: One section per day. Pages 31-41. When you are finished, take a week or two to go back over all of your work. Go through it with your sponsor. Then, as before, go back through all of the work completed so far. You will notice things you missed, things that have changed, and things that no longer make sense. It’s okay. Take one day off after step 4, and move on to step 5.

Step 3 for NA

See the Step 1 and Step 2 posts before proceeding. The items needed and proceedures haven’t changed. Page numbers will be as found in the literature.

Day 1: Basic Text, PP 25-27. Follow proceedure. Note, by now you will also see correlations with previous steps and lines from earlier in the Basic Text, mark those as well.

Day 2: It Works, How and Why: 26-35.

Day 3: SWG: 19-23

Day 4: SWG: 24-28

Day 5: Break

Days 6-14: Go back over all of your work so far, including steps 1 and 2. Note correlations, re-read the books, add to them, and especially go through this with your Sponsor unit. On Day 15, take a break, and you should be ready to do Step 4 on Day 16.

Hugs, you got this.

Step One for NA

Narcotic Anonymous has multiple books on recovery from active addiction. There are multiple format available to use, and this is what I do to stay clean from all drugs.

You will need, the Basic Text Narcotics Anonymous, It Works, How and Why, and the Step Working Guide. You will also need a notebook and pen, possibly some highlighters, and time. I usually expect to spend about half an hour to an hour daily on step work while I am working the steps actively. Other things I use are sticky tabs, sticky notes, a ruler, and pencils. You may want an older dictionary, you can find them in used book stores.

First day: Read XV-xxvi in the Basic Text. Highlight meaningful passages, take notes, write down any questions I have. Note any parts that I identify with.

Day 2: Read 1-8 in the Basic Text. Follow the same proceedure.

Day 3: Read 9-12. Ditto

Day 4: 17-23 first paragraph. Ditto.

Day 5: It Works, How and Why read 1-16. Ditto. Note where the cross references are to the Basic Text. Mark both books with the cross references. You will need those more and more as you grow in recovery.

Day 6: Step Working Guide: Page vii to Page 3, first paragraph. Follow as in Day 5, and answer the questions. Note, you will be excessively pissed off during some of the questions. Answer the best you can.

Day 7: Step Working Guide: Page 3 to the top of page 6, continue noting the cross references and answering questions.

Day 8: Take a one day break, journal, and use your swear words carefully.

Day 9: Back in the saddle, Read Pages 6-8, answer questions, and note your cross references.

Days 10-16: Go back through the books, look at the questions you had in going through. Did the books answer your questions? Was there something you missed? Look over your answers. Did you leave anything out? What can you add to make your answers more complete.

Present your step work, notes, and go over the answers with your sponsor. (Not me.) Then, you should be ready for step 2.