Last day in town

Hello all,

Just sitting in the kitchen, and I’ve realized that tomorrow morning, I need to be on the road back to the farm.

Sighs, this is the part that tears me up. I don’t want to stay, because I’m homesick, and I don’t want to leave because I’m homesick.

So, I’m torn. I love the farm, and I love Dad very much. Yet I love this run down little house in town, with my sweet Hubsy in it. Ugh.

So, I’m going to have to just be going back and forth for the next few years.

Meanwhile, it’s a great day in town, it’s one of those brisk Spring days that’s too cold to knit outside, and it looks like fall, but it’s really early Spring out there. I have a hot cup of coffee, a bit of knitting, and my sweet Hubsy to snuggle.

I better get back to it. See you on the farm in a few days.

Louise Ann Benjamin


Happy Days

The internet is finally getting installed here at the house in town! YAY!

Last year, when the Hubs had cancer, we cut way back on expenses. Internet, especially for us, was considered a luxury compared to my husband’s life.

So, today, we are finally coming back to what we need to do. I’m relieved.

On the farm, I have internet access, and in town we were just using the data on my cellular plan. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS IDEA. Our cellular provider is really good, and is the only one that covers both the farm and the town my husband and I live in. However, the month we ran over in Data? Cost us $900.

No way in heck am I going to face that nightmare again.

So, today we are going to be installing internet, and I’m tickled bright pink! I’m thrilled, and can write ever so much more when we are in town again.

P.S. On the farm I apologize, but I usually focus on getting my work done, when I can.