Doing the next right thing for the next right reason

Morning all. It’s closer to 5 am as I type this and my beloved Duke is outside watering the trees. My first cup of coffee has been assimilated, and I have work to do this morning.

Progress has been made on research. I’ve been working on moving the last of my ID’s over from South Dakota. This one expires in 2022, and I want to get the upgrade for Minnesota before long. It means that I have to get licensed over here.

Sighs. That means more classes, which I’m sure I will enjoy, but it also means that I will be away from my beloved home longer rather than I want to.

One second, Duke is barking his fool head off, and my coffee cup is empty. Be right back. —

I have another pot of coffee started, and Duke was barking at the garbage men. Still, he can tone it down between 11pm and 6 am… no, he can’t. Sighs. Where was I?

Doing the right thing, that’s right.

I’m thinking that after the first class or two that I want to go in for some advance training. I want to be able to succeed in this area so much. There are weekend events that I want to go to as well.

So, in true recovery fashion, I scheduled my 5th step before starting my 4th so to speak. I’m giving myself a May time limit to get the initial classes done and the license moved over.

I am looking forward to it.

Huge hugs, I know this is a little vague, but then again, this license is for private reasons. I’ll write more tomorrow. -L