Didn’t get a damn thing done

Hello all,
It was one of those days where the only thing I got accomplished was a little bit of dreaming, and a little baking.
I am exhausted, and going to climb into bed. The chaos, panic and disorder of the day just dragged me into the ground, and I went from wanting to cry to wanting to scream. So, at this point, I give up on the day. My focus is a bit cracked, and seriously, I spent more time yelling than is warranted. Hopefully, tomorrow which is another day, will be a better one.
Will keep you posted.

Louise Ann Benjamin


Baking Bread and other chaos

Hello all, decided to bake some bread again today. I have the dough rising in it’s kneading pan and I will probably put it in the roaster after about 12. I’m sitting in my favorite spot, relaxing, and just hoping beyond all hope that I can get some good writing and journal work done today.
I’ve written before about not being able to write, and the negative effects I have from it. Well, my Hubsy being here kinda makes writing a little lower in priority currently, and I can tell the side effects are getting bad. This is how I destress.
I’m thinking of going fishing this afternoon. I have the Hubsy’s tackle, and I’m hoping to put it to some good use shortly. I haven’t tried these poles yet, let alone most of the gear that Hubsy has accumulated over the last 50 years, so it should be interesting. One of the doodads his Grandpa made, so I’m going to be careful with all of it.
Hubsy says he is done with fishing, so I don’t feel guilty for using it. However, I do need to get the stuff cleaned up and good to go. There are a few things missing though. I need fishing line, and a lot of it. When I come back from this next trip to Worthington, I’m going to be bringing all of the poles with me. So, I desperately need to have everything set up and ready.
In other news, the bread recipe and my kneading machine are a hundred years old. I found both together at a second hand shop somewhere. The kneading bowl has a lid with a dough hook atatched to it. I love this thing, it takes a tedious chore and makes it fun. I throw the ingredients in, clamp down the lid, and give it a spin. Just a few rotations makes the mixing and kneading easy and I have only one bowl to wash, not the counter, the cupboards, the floor etc… I am a messy baker. I usually run a sink of hot water, and let the bowl sit in it while the dough is rising. It makes quick work for a lazy woman. That’s why I think that I will be ready to bake this at about noon.
I’m hoping to get some things re-organized on the farm. The main thing I need to do is to get the camper really set up. When Tim isn’t here, I plan to use the camper much more often. Where it is just doesn’t work for my needs. I’m planning to turn it into and office/sewing room. For the sewing part, I’m planning to remove the front seats, and put my treadle machines there. Storage is available in many places in the camper, and I can keep all of my sewing kit in there. I also plan to set up a desk and move my complete office in. Now, for the physical desks in the house, I can’t move them to the camper, unless I rip out the one bench. We will see what I can get done. The big thing is getting that camper moved.
I may have to ask the neighbor if they will tow it with their tractor. If they can, then the work will be much easier. I’m all for lazy work, and there are definite advantages of a tractor over block and tackle.
Lastly, I’m hoping to get the yard cleaned up quite a bit more between now and September. If I can get the yard cleaned up, then the family can come and visit more often.
That’s about all for now. Huge huggage all.

Louise Ann Benjamin

Somebody stole my chair

My Sister Tina and her grandson Morgan came to visit us today. Morgan got to meet Uncle Tim, say Hi to “Grandpa” really his great-gramps and play with the rabbit and dogs.
We had so much fun. I went inside to grab my phone for a second and when I came back, the above photo opportunity greeted me with lots of giggles. 
What a great day!

I can feel the madness decending

Good morning,

It’s the time of the morning that the brain is over flowing with ooze. I’ve become addicted to writing again. I am ashamed that I let Facebook almost destroy this for me. 
I would post to Facebook and not to the blog. I would post instead of write. I wouldn’t journal. I couldn’t, so my writing muscles atrophied.
Now, the pump is primed, and if I don’t, my brain starts going whir-click. It’s very bad. The thoughts start tripping over each other, trying to escape, and they start bouncing in there like ping-pong balls hitting the walls and each other.
This reminds me of one of my buddies. She too is creative. She once called me on a crisis run.  I stopped at the dollar store on my way to her place. On the phone, she described exactly this problem. At the dollar store, I bought her a set of ping-pong balls, and a set of warped marbles. I told her that I’d found her marbles, and I was returning them to her in the condition I had found them.
She laughed.
Laughter, I believe heals.
It’s what is meant to be.
I write, when I can, because it helps and I feel good when I do it.
Coffee, while it helps, just can’t duplicate… Combine all the above, and you get a perfect Sunday morning.
Heading to Worthington for a quick visit, and then back to the farm today. Will be back to my regular schedule soon.
Louise  Ann Benjamin