Another cold morning

Morning all, hope you are well. I’m swaddled up in a few shawls, a vest, and sweats. Young Master Duke is outside. My husband is doing his own thing. I’m listening to My Favorite Murder on my phone.

One thing, I don’t wear headphones anymore. I have many many sets, but don’t have to wear them non-stop. Wow. I’m in ears heaven. It’s been almost 20 years since I could just sit and listen to whatever and whenever in this house. Holy crap!

Okay, I’m settled in at the desk. I’m getting ready to start the purge again. I’ve got a few empty boxes that need to go in the recycling. I also want to sort through more crap. I’m calling it crap because it is in the road. It will no longer be crap when it is either put away or sent down the road.

That’s the plan for today. Get the crap out, get the stuff put away, and move along with the day. Take care my friends. Purge the crap where you can. Hugs, -L



Morning all, hope you are well. I’ve decided to work on the hoard today. Yes, I am part dragon, I suppose, but my daughters don’t deserve to have to deal with the crap when I am gone someday.

So, to follow along with what I’ve started. I’m not pitching anything that has intrinsic value. I am however starting simple. I’m working on the things that I personally own.

I’m taking inventory of the stashes of knitting, crochet, sewing and other items. These things will be sorted and reduced. For example, I will donate needles and hooks I don’t have use for.

The yarn and fabric stashes are getting purged. The office supplies are going through the same thing. Now for the sewing machines. I don’t need 4 of them. I REALLY don’t need 4 of them. I’m looking to rehome them.

Next, I have other things that need to go. I’ve got to purge the camping equipment. Somethings that I have inherited that have no use, or need to be severely repaired to work. They can go.

So, I’m taking you along onthe journey. As my town charges exhorbitant fees for spring cleanup, they aren’t getting a dime from me. I’m determined that they can f-off. None of it will be disposed of to a landfill.

So, I better get back to work. Take care my friends. Gentle hugs, -L

Another lovely spring day

Morning all, hope you are well. Duke is out on the front patio. I’m at my desk, listening to a podcast. My husband is inside doing husbandly things.

So far today Duke has learned that the rabbits have his number. I’m too busy chuckling, to worry. He’s physically okay, despite learning that he can do a backflip on his tie out.

Meanwhile, the purge continues. I’m working on filling the garbage bin as much as possible. Each bag or item thrown means more room for the things I really need. That’s always a perk.

I’m going to start going through the items that I have collected over the years and purge the things that don’t make sense to keep. These things could be going through the knitting gear, and passing along the things I don’t use. It could be the same for sewing and crochet.

My books need an overhaul, and fabric stash needs purging. There are yarns that I will never use, that someone else can stitch with. These are the donate piles. However, first, I need to go through the car, and make sure that the crap in there is in reality what we need to keep.

Sighs. Slowly, ever slowly, it will happen. I don’t want my daughters to have to go through a hoarder’s paradise when I am gone. Meanwhile, I better get back to work. The weather looks to be crummy by the time you read this. I have to be ready for it.

Gentle hugs my friends. Take care. -L

Progress, slow but sure

Morning all, Young Master Duke is currently at my side, and my husband went to bed. The sun is up, and it is cool but not cold in the office. Not much is going on today.

I’ve taken my meds, done my bible study, and talked on the phone. All of these things are quite normal. What isn’t normal, at least hasn’t been normal in forever, is time to stitch. I finally have the opportunity this afternoon to work on any project. I’m going to curl up in the recliner, listen to some of my favorite podcasts, and stitch.

Heck, I might even read a book. It is still too early to decide. I’m okay with that. Take care my friends. Take care. -L

I’m not the one ranting this time

Morning all, hope you are well. I’m sitting here chuckling. I knew my husband was going to do this. He just walked into my office, grumbling about something. Then he put his tablet down next to me, and started growling about this that and the next thing.

There’s nothing I can do to help him. It’s not my fault, and not my problem. In fact, it’s actually on him. He stopped working on things in the garage years and years ago. He’s pissed because everything of his got moved out. Now, he is insisting on knowing where some random tools are. To be honest, he doesn’t need those tools, can’t physically handle those tools, but oh dear lord, the world will end if he doesn’t get those f-ing tools.

You know what? I don’t care. I just don’t. He needs to try to make my life miserable because change happened. His tablet is almost done being fixed, and I will hand it back to him. I’ll then take a couple of small things back into the house. My mug and water glass both need washing. Then I might go looking for his tools. I’ll also be looking for my bags of tobacco.

Take care my friends. Gentle squishy hugs. -L