A wee job

Hullo there,
I know it’s been awhile. A methodical writer I am not, for that I apologize.
In the past month, I worked. The big city called me, and I began a job where I worked 12 hour days in a cubicle.
Burnout became more than my friend, it was my constant companion. It was also the main focus of my life.
I quit the job when I just couldn’t take it anymore. Driving home that day was filled with tears.
I had hopes of getting off of disability. I also had hopes of many other things, but the worst got to me.
So, here I am. Back on the farm, with a stew in the roaster, yarn on the needles, and my favorite hat on my head. Long johns and long sleeves are the norm, and the wind is cold and blustery.
The garden is in, and Dad’s processing the last of this year’s harvest.
I’m just being a lazy bum, and the yarn is calling.
I’ll write again soon, I promise.
Louise Ann Benjamin