Morning all, I have rested, and am alive. Young Master Duke is angling to go outside, and yet I want to write to you lovely folks first.

Physical therapy is ongoing. Yes, it is rotator cuff injury, that is compounded because it is the 2nd time on this shoulder. There is a pinched whatsit as well. Sigh. I now have an amazon cart full of strange toys like a tens machine, and an many batteries and pads.

Do I need those specific items? Hmm. Not really. However, I may as well get them and see if my quality of life improves.

Meanwhile, I have a pupper who wants to go potty, and I am going to sit out with him and have a smoke or two. I’m quite whiny. I’m going to grab a paperback and bring it along for the ride.

Take care my friends. Hugs.

He did the dishes and made coffee

Morning all, I am gobsmacked. I woke up to Young Master Duke snuggling me, but his fur was damp. I knew immediately that my beloved had let him out. It’s been raining overnight, and Duke was dry when I laid down.

I grabbed my speaker and cell phone, and headed to the necessary. I luxuriated in a shower, and really enjoyed it. I smell like powders, and a little perfume. Heck I splurged. I put on my favorite dress. Note: This is also my only garment that shows cleavage. I wear it with a shawl when I go out. I wanted to feel female.

On entering the kitchen for the morning cup, I saw a note on the dishwasher. Um, he had done dishes. Who is this man? To do a load of laundry, means he had to roll the loaded machine over and hook it up to the sink.

I did let Duke out to go potty while I boiled water for my tea. He also made coffee for me. Um… wow. He couldn’t fill the machine yesterday. I was flummoxed, and grateful.

He is my Shuggie lump, and I know for a fact that he did way too much, but I am so proud of him. I love him.

Take care, please, my friends. Take care. -L

Molle Bag and add-ons

Hello all, am taking a few minutes to write a ‘normal’ post. Young Master Duke is begging to go outside, and I’m whiny.

Recently, I purchased a Molle backpack, and some accessories, and thought I would do a review.

First things first, why did I a chubby womba in a wheelchair choose a tactical bag for my effective purse? Especially when I almost never leave the dratted house?

Customization. I can rearrange the thing, with accessories to do almost anything. I could turn it into a knitting bag, for instance, and have room for all the notions. I could have it be a medical kit, complete with band aids, wraps, and the like. I could even turn it into a writing bag. It is also possible to turn it into an overnight bag for camping.

That said, what am I using it for? All of the above. This is my 2nd molle bag. The first was actually my range bag. I used it for my EDC, cleaning kit, and extra ammo.

However, once I left the farm, I no longer needed it for that purpose, and it lay dormant in a trunk. You know I follow campers and preppers on social media, and one of them gave me a heck of an idea.

First, I purchased the new molle bag. I knew that my husband’s surgery was coming up, and if they had to keep him I would be screwed. I set up the original bag as an overnighter. It has incontinence products, extra clothes, and a deodorant. As my meds ride in a cooler bag, this worked well. As I have a crew cut, I didn’t need hair care. A toothbrush and mini paste went in a pocket.

The new bag got a book, the tablet I normally write with, my kindle and some first aide. It also held a utility knife, and other misc toys. This effectively was my purse. I strapped it to the back of the wheelchair when I had to leave the vehicle.

Both bags strap well to the wheelchair together, and I have some clips that make it make better sense as a “single unit”.

Other items that I use are little mesh pencil bags for back to school. Kleenex tiny lotion bottles, and other misc fit perfectly in them, and they fit great in either bag.

Those ‘travel accessories’ kits sold by mega stores. They are less than 5 dollars. Lots of things work with them, and they are useful for camping as well as edc needs.

Altoids tins. I am desperately in love with altoids tins. From cigarette cases, to emergency ash trays they have a million uses. I use altoids to help settle my stomach when I have to take medications. So I have plenty. Eventually, they will completely replace cigarette cases. They last longer, and are stronger.

Some pouches have arrived, molle style, and I spent about half an hour resetting my system this afternoon. Three of the pouches are for holding water or soda bottles. Another 3 are for holding extras, including my wallet and other needs. They strap onto the main bags, and are a lifesaver.

The neatest thing about this, is that this makes more places accessible for me. From my wheelchair, I can survive and get on with most activities of daily living. I don’t have to worry about not having some form of something that I really need that would be a tragedy if I didn’t have.

Next month, I will be getting a few more pouches and such. Some of them are designed to attach to the wheelchair, but the manufacturers didn’t realize this.

The biggest limit to my ability to go out and do things is medical. If I don’t have my supplies with me, it turns into hell on wheels quick. Molle bags help me survive. I am happy.

Take care my friends. Peace, -L

15 minutes

Afternoon all, we are okay.

This afternoon when I woke up, I had a little bit before my beloved woke. I ate, and started the coffee.

Once he woke, I helped him as much as I could, but did something different. I set a 15 minute timer, and went and sat down. I did the things I needed to take care of me for that time.

I then checked on him, helped him a little, and set the timer again. It is working. He is getting the help he needs, and I am able to rest a little between helping him.

I think that over the next 24 hours or so, that timer is going to be the most used app on my phone.

We are going to be okay. Hugs my friends. -L

No rest for the wicked

Morning all, it’s almost 4 in the morning here, and while Duke is the only one sleeping, the rest of us really want to be.

My Beloved is in just too much pain to sleep. It’s not fair, he is in so much pain. I’m angry, at the Hospital that convinced him for a same-day surgery option.

Still have to help him get up and to lay down, but he can only lay for a few minutes. I’m at my wits end, and if he doesn’t start sleeping soon, I worry for his sanity.

It’s a waiting game. That’s all we have, is to wait, and to pray. Wish it were happier news this morning, I really do.

I will post as I can over the next few days. Take care, my friends. Take care. -L