Adventures in ordering groceries

Hello all, hope you are well. Husband and I still have the siege.

He approached me today and asked me to have groceries delivered. Um… The only place that delivers in our community is the one that is higher than a cats arse in prices. They screw up orders and etc…

So, we are having groceries delivered. Per tradition, he kept interrupting me when I was trying to make the order. Per tradition, I threw in 3 things of asshole tax, because he kept bugging me.

I figured if this virus is going to kick my butt, I better be happy while it is doing so. I added black olives, braunschweiger and pnp loaf to the order. Screw it.

So, I ended up making the order, and called the store immediately. The individual that answered the phone wanted to cancel our order when I said that we need it to be contactless as we have the virus. I yelled. I said, “NO!” I didn’t swear.

She passed me on to the person in charge of online ordering, and I explained that the delivery has to be contactless, and why. We are selfish and don’t want people to get sick.

So, we will see what happens. In the meantime, I’m tuckered, rice is gourmet right now. I’m going back to bed.

We will see what tomorrow brings. I need another cup of tea after this. Sighs. -L

We are snuggled in the kitchen

Hello all, Young Master Duke and I are listening to music in the kitchen. Our kitchen is almost tiny house sized. There is no room to maneuver around, especially in a wheelchair. Yet, Young Master Duke and I are fine.

When this house was built, the kitchen was designed so that everything is less than 3 steps away. The sink is reachable from both the fridge and the stove. 2 adults barely fit standing upright in it.

That said, my beloved is resting. So, to help him rest, Duke and I are enjoying close proximity to the coffee pot, and I can reach down and give him belly rubs while he sits next to me.

Since my husband has misophonia, we don’t often listen to music, Duke and I. However, I love most music. So, it’s a very special treat. I have my phone playing a classical playlist softly in the background, and we are good.

Heck even my headphones are getting a much deserved rest.

Little stolen moments, like this one, are treats for Duke and I. Living with someone who is challenged can be a trial, yet I’m not convicted in this situation. We adapt.

Okay, I listen to quite a bit in the car at full volume when I can.

Take care my friends, please enjoy a little stolen moment of joy. -L

Guilty pleasure

Morning all, my beloved is doing much better after the surgery. I’m still getting rid of the sniffle/cough from mold exposure. I do feel much better though myself. Young Master Duke has taken over the bed, and is sprawled showing himself in all his glory.

I’ve been watching quite a few videos on social media, and have rediscoverd the world of cartoons. I’m not talking about Bugs Bunny or Charlie Brown though.

There are 3 or 4 channels I watch, and when the notification pops up, I grab a cuppa and settle in. I guess the only thing missing is the cocoa puffs and milk, if I think of it. Oh, and the footy pajamas of course.

When I weighed less than a third of what I do now, and was probably about 2-3 feet shorter, I would watch Saturday Morning cartoons religiously. The only thing that could trump those cartoons was if the circus was in town, or if it was Christmas.

We stopped having babysitters by the time I was 8, and the boob tube became the best kid watcher in the county for us. That was also the year I learned to ride bycycle. My next youngest sibling was born that next spring, and my brother and I were left to run a bit wild.

It is what it is.

Hugs my friends, take care. -L

Another cold or is it

Morning all, it’s a lovely crisp fall day here. The fellas are having a moment. Young Master Duke is sitting next to my husband, who is not so subtly giving him treats from his plate. At least he was the last time I went past to get this cuppa.

A couple of days ago, I started coming down with what I thought was a cold. The sinus, stuffy nasty ick was the hint, or so I thought. So, I spent a day or two recovering, but I didn’t notice that my symptoms would get worse after drinking from my jug.

I keep a jug of water with a straw at the desk. I’m not alone in this practise, and I rinse it regularly. When I opened it to refill today, I realized that I don’t have a cold at all.

It had mold in it, under the rim, and on the straw. I’ve been allergic to mold for over 20 years now. The jug is currently in the dishwasher, waiting for the load to be done.

Please, my friends, check your water containers. Wash them frequently. I know that by tomorrow, my symptoms will be gone.

Take care my friends, please. -L