Lime Jello and Cottage Cheese

hello all, trying to get the 3 brains cells I have left to fire.

When I was much shorter and much lighter, one of those responsible for raising me made a weird dish. It was cottage cheese, with lime jello powder in it. She also added pineapple. It looked odd.

Right now, my brain feels like lime jello and cottage cheese. No pineapple. Sighs.

I’m alive, as is my beloved. We will be okay. However, it’s hard to think. It’s hard to hear, and it is a bit slow to move.

That’s where we are at. Hugs my friends. Take care. -L


Embracing the dinosaur

Hello all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is singing the song of his people, and my husband is watching SG-1.

For several years, I’ve noticed that I have been falling farther and farther behind on the ‘times’. For the most part, I would try to keep up, and enjoy living as what I would hope that most people do.

Yet, on a particular social media site, I’ve noticed that I’m not as ‘woke’ as most on there. On another, I realized that I have no clue what they are talking about half the time.

It’s not just terminology, or even technology. I’m pretty good about looking things up if I don’t understand them. I still love to learn, and to read. Yet, I don’t understand why certain things are the way they are.

Living at a desk, behind a keyboard has given me great opportunities, but then again, it also limits me greatly. I’m not out and amongst humanity. Actually, most days, I preffer it that way. Yet, I also have this stream of consciousnees that says, “You need to know what this means, or what this feels like.”

Today, I’ve come to the conclusiong, that, I don’t. I really don’t.

I was digging through my trunk today, and dug out some of the books that I wanted on my book shelf. In looking through that particular container, I saw our history, my husband’s and mine. It was unsettling, and yet cathartic.

I’m not going down into that good night, I’m not giving up. However, I am embracing the fact that I am an artifact of the decades I have lived. That I don’t need to evolve to adapt so much, as I need to enjoy the moment as exactly the way it is at this moment.

I still live for tomorrow, and still enjoy the day as it is. I just don’t feel like I have to keep up with everyone else anymore.

I’m okay with that. I’m embracing my inner dinosaur. My favorite? The Archaeopterix. The bird dinosaur that flew.

Take care my friends. Hugs, gentle ones. -L

Afternoon Tea

Morning all, Young Master Duke is outside fertilizing that which he deems necessary. My beloved is having breakfast, and I’m having a lovely cuppa. “Earl Grey hot.”

My headset is currently charging, so I’m just enjoying the moment. Okay, so I am taking a break. The book shelf on the back of my desk rotates on what I place there. It depends on what I am studying, and whether or not I want to try to conquer the Canterbury Tales again.

Yes, in 2022, I believe that Chaucer needs to be conquered. So, dictionaries at hand, I do read the tales.

For some reason, I have a smart watch. Okay, the real reason is that I have fallen one too many times. If I can’t get up, and my phone clatters away from my grasp, I need to be able to call for help.

One of the ‘complications’ of my watch is a timer. I use it for many things. I set a timer when I am studying. That way my brain doesn’t get overwhelmed. I set a timer when I let Young Master Duke out. In inclement weather, I want to make sure he doesn’t get frost bit.

I set the timer when my Husband says “I need to lay down for 30 minutes.” I don’t set it for 30 minutes, of course, I set it for an hour, but he is fine.

However, my favorite use of that watch, and that timer, is for the 3 minute steep on my Twinings Earl Grey Hot.

Take care my friends. Huge hugs, please be gentle with yourselves. -L

Adventures in ordering groceries

Hello all, hope you are well. Husband and I still have the siege.

He approached me today and asked me to have groceries delivered. Um… The only place that delivers in our community is the one that is higher than a cats arse in prices. They screw up orders and etc…

So, we are having groceries delivered. Per tradition, he kept interrupting me when I was trying to make the order. Per tradition, I threw in 3 things of asshole tax, because he kept bugging me.

I figured if this virus is going to kick my butt, I better be happy while it is doing so. I added black olives, braunschweiger and pnp loaf to the order. Screw it.

So, I ended up making the order, and called the store immediately. The individual that answered the phone wanted to cancel our order when I said that we need it to be contactless as we have the virus. I yelled. I said, “NO!” I didn’t swear.

She passed me on to the person in charge of online ordering, and I explained that the delivery has to be contactless, and why. We are selfish and don’t want people to get sick.

So, we will see what happens. In the meantime, I’m tuckered, rice is gourmet right now. I’m going back to bed.

We will see what tomorrow brings. I need another cup of tea after this. Sighs. -L

We are snuggled in the kitchen

Hello all, Young Master Duke and I are listening to music in the kitchen. Our kitchen is almost tiny house sized. There is no room to maneuver around, especially in a wheelchair. Yet, Young Master Duke and I are fine.

When this house was built, the kitchen was designed so that everything is less than 3 steps away. The sink is reachable from both the fridge and the stove. 2 adults barely fit standing upright in it.

That said, my beloved is resting. So, to help him rest, Duke and I are enjoying close proximity to the coffee pot, and I can reach down and give him belly rubs while he sits next to me.

Since my husband has misophonia, we don’t often listen to music, Duke and I. However, I love most music. So, it’s a very special treat. I have my phone playing a classical playlist softly in the background, and we are good.

Heck even my headphones are getting a much deserved rest.

Little stolen moments, like this one, are treats for Duke and I. Living with someone who is challenged can be a trial, yet I’m not convicted in this situation. We adapt.

Okay, I listen to quite a bit in the car at full volume when I can.

Take care my friends, please enjoy a little stolen moment of joy. -L