automated system

G’Morning all,

I have been arguing with 2 automated phone systems today. The first, belonging to the pharmacy that mails out my prescriptions, is just not programmed conveniently. Okay, it’s very stupid. However, with a little bit of fumbling, and before my blood pressure goes viral, I can usually reach a human being.

The second, belonging to a government agency causes my blood pressure to go up within seconds. The back of my neck is tight, my body temperature has been elevated, and my heart-burn is close to a 3-alarm fire. Since I have enough tall-corn in my speech, it doesn’t understand my language. Sadly, I’ve tried enunciating, and it only confuses the damned thing more. The more frustrated I am, the harder it is for me to be appropriate with the evil hunk of crap. I asked for a representative, however there is a delicious wait time to get a human being. Sighs, I’m on that wait time at this moment.

I don’t look for them to be answering my call at any convenient moment. I have spent an accumulation of several weeks on hold for this agency. It’s an informal tally I keep in my address book, that I add up every time I call. Chuckle, by the time I am ready to shuffle to the grave, I’m sure I will have waited on hold well over a few months’ worth of time.

Oh well.

In the course of my lifetime, I’ve had problems with automated systems repeatedly. Yes, I know my accent, and yes I know I should accept it as par for the course. The funny thing, I prefer dealing with computers with almost all of my transactions. I prefer to type in my needs, or point and click, and yet both systems were down this morning. Chuckle. Maybe, just maybe, a little more and a little less computerized assistance would be better.

I don’t know, the answer to all of this is money I am sure. Whoever programmed the damned automated system definitely doesn’t understand a Minnesota/South Dakota accent. Oh well.

That’s all for now.



The summer games

Knitting Korner Khaos
Knitting Korner Khaos (Photo credit: Manda Mia)

If you want more information on the ravelry v usoc brouhaha this is not the post to read about it.

Instead I want to tell you what I’m going to be knitting and crocheting during the summer games.

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192 crafting days till xmas 2012

I have been playing with my phone, and there is a countdown widget my friend showed me. I being of strange mind and body, decided to put several important countdowns on the dratted thing.
Xmas is the biggest holiday of the year for crafters. So, I have the countdown. Now, for those of you who are going to be offended, bear with me. I am separating the Holy day Christmas, from the secular gift giving binge I call Xmas.
This year, I have several gift giving opportunities, that include birthdays and weddings. So, this little widget is helping me keep it real. It is not cool to be finishing the last 3 rows of a big project on the way to a party in my mind.
So, consider searching your app store for countdown widgets, it just may help with those major deadlines coming up.

Sick day

I knew that this was coming, I am stuck home in bed, sick. Since Thursday I have had 6 hours of sleep.
I’ve learned that when I do this to
my body, it retaliates against me. My allergies have officially gone insane. My mind is not to far behind my body.
So instead of my regular plans, I am at home in bed playing with my cellular phone. My pain level is rising, and I think that my pillow misses me.


This will be my view today, I think.