Anna Makarovna’s Socks or At Knit’s End Socks…?

War and Peace: 1796–1815
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I’ve been researching the socks I am knitting. Of course, mine are anklets, but the process is the same. I found this blog post in the girl from aunty…


I also have made progress, I’m 1/2 done!



I’m going to try it again

Knitty: Fall 2006. The simultaneous socks described on Knitty‘s site. I’m actually using the directions from “Knitting America”.

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It is going well.

Dad’s long johns  are taking the rest of the year off.

It’s a good thing, I needed a break.


Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Hello all,

It’s 1:30 in the morning. I am just sitting here relaxing. The H2 channel has some “Nostradamus” junk on and I’m not interested.

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I am busy, working on Dad’s Long Johns II, and I am encouraged. I’m also jealous. The yarn is exquisite. I’m drooling over the gorgeousness of the fiber as it slips through my fingers. The problem? Well, I will be buying more of this yarn, but I want a sweater.

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Yep, a sweater. I’ve decided that it’s time, (to fit it into my queue) to knit a sweater. I have my measurements, I know the yarn, I love the concept. I seriously need to get these long johns done.

I’m thinking of knitting it in the round, using short rows to do the arm hole shaping and having some wicked pattern and cable action.

I’m thinking.

The color for this future project? Yep, Red Heart Aran. I’m not interested in a sweater that I have to hand wash. I’m thinking some serious yuck factor there. I don’t want a felted sweater. I don’t want a sweater I can’t afford. I just want a sweater that is fun, pretty, and I’m not afraid to stain.

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I don’t want to spend $80 on a sweater, construct it, block it etc.. only to spill coffee on it the first chance I get and have it ruined for life.

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Nope not a good idea. I am a slob. I have worn more coffee than some people drink. Regularly, I am found wearing ketchup, mustard, cigarette ash, and other motley things.

So, the great cashmere, merino, alpaca, or woolen sweater is not for me… Unless it is dyed brown.

Why not spin the yarn for the sweater? It would be cheaper.

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Are you freaking kidding? I want an f/o before I turn 90, actually I want the sweater by the end of January. It gets brutally cold here in the winter.

Whoa, aren’t you going to get overwhelmed? Probably, but I also know that it will knit up quick.

What about your other projects? What about Christmas 2012? What about Birthdays?

I need a sweater. I am generally cold.

So, I’m going to be starting a sweater as soon as the DLJ II are done.

I had better get done soon!


My Gift this year

My husband and I are not celebrating large this Christmas. I was up late with a Fibromyalgia flare. I slept until my phone rang with a call from a woman I sponsor.

That was my first gift. The phone call.

My second gift was simple, and easy. It was the opportunity to listen to my favorite audio books. I could not knit much, but I listened while I lay back in bed.


My third gift came in a flurry of text messages wishing me a Merry Christmas. I could barely keep up with them, and I enjoyed texting with friends.

Another gift was a snuggly moment with my dog Raven. Raven is not a snuggler, she disdains cuddling moments unless it is with company. Early this morning, during some of the worst of the pain, she lay down on my pillow next to me.


I enjoyed another gift as well. I had a midnight snack of pancakes with warm vanilla, butter and syrupy goodness. Oooh baby!

Yet my favorite gift this year, is when my husband brought me a cup of Vanilla Caramel tea, steamy and scrumptious in every detail.

It is a good Christmas!