Girls just wanna have fun

Morning all, the males in the house are awake, and I’m hiding in the dungeon this morning.

Current pain levels are shoot me, so the new pain outweighs the old pain. I got into an arguement with an old friend yesterday, about the pain. I can not, and will not switch to a certain substance to manage this pain. My recovery can with stand pain, certain medications it can not.

I would much rather enjoy a lead pill that you only swallow once than go back out using.

I know, certain substances are now legal medically in my state. Certain substances would make my life more pleasant, and I would be able to move better. I would be able to lose weight, and all of the things.

Sobriety means more to me than having a pain free day or days. With my body, one is too many and millions are never enough. Ever.

That said, I got into another arguement yesterday. My beloved Husband says that we don’t need to mow the lawn yet. I call bullshit on that. I want to mow, it’s something that my body can do, and it is fun! The riding mower gives me freedom.

So, today, once my headset is fully charged, and the clock strikes about 8 or 8:30, I’m going to sneak out and mow.  I will wear my hat, my sunglasses, and I will mow. Most of the neighbors will be at work, and I will get to play. Woot woot! Then, I will set up, if the body allows, my treadle on the patio, I will wear my headphones, I will have my stitching, and I will stitch.

It’s going to be a goodest day. Hope all is well with you all. I’m going to have fun today. Take care. -L


Only 2 left

Morning all, my sinuses are clear, and my eyes are watering. Those of us Americans of a certain age will remember Ben-Gay commercials. Some of us have used it, as our parents medicine cabinet and first aid kits consisted of aspirin, pepto and ben-gay.

I have 2 bottles of the modern generic equivalent. And, if I had my druthers, I would bathe in it with the exception of the perineal area. That shit burns when accidentally or on purpose placed where it ain’t supposed to be.  I don’t sing, but was soprano the day I learned that lesson. Never again.

But, to keep my hands handy, I am using it on my hands. It makes a difference. For a few years now, it’s been hard to stitch because of the pain in my thumbs down to my wrist. Once in awhile the fingers get it too. I’d use heating pads, and massage, but it just kept getting worse. Finally, with only 2 thumbs left to me, I  went for the cool heat of the pain relief gel.

Game changer. Just saying.

It’s storming out right now, and I can’t get out past the garage door, but I am heading out to watch the rain in a bit, and stitch.

Huge hugs my friends. -L

Note, hang on to your hands if you hand. Hang on to your thumbs, it’s harder to scroll without them. :o)

Another day outside

Morning all, Young Master Duke and I have been out since first light. I lengthed his tie out, so he and I can just chill out.

When I sit with him, he doesn’t sing the song of his people. Who woulda thunk it… I have a shade umbrella on the edge of my folding table in order to be able to sit further from the house without getting sizzled to a crisp.

We live across the creek from the highschool football field. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse when the field is in use. The sound system breaks through noise canceling headphones. It’s nice to visit a football field, but not to live next door to the damned thing.

When the highschool band practices their marching, holy crap. For years, the timing sticks that they clack almost got shoved up the director’s nose. I heard the clack clack clack in my sleep. When I worked nightshift in the nursing home, it was worse. I’d wake up to the clacking and the yelling. That megaphone could have met an untimely end.

However, the blessings. I have no every day neighbors to the north of my yard. I can look through the trees and see mostly grass. Big trees are the barrier between field and the creek, which is the border between the properties. It’s serene, and peacefull most of the time.

When the children are practicing, I can watch a bit. The babies they have so much fun. Of course, they are in reality teenagers, but the older I get the younger that they look. It’s what it is.

The weather is a little breezy, and tomorrow, the radio says it is supposed to be raining. I suppose I could stay inside then and just read a book or two. Today, daylight is burning, and the branches are wiggling in the breeze. The squirrels are busy chattering, and the birds are flitting from high spot to high spot. Whoops, the dandelions are starting to open their faces, and I need to enjoy.

Take care my friends. -L

Almost sorry, NOT!

Morning all, the men in my life are quite asleep. I thought I’d get a quick post up before heading back outside, as the sun  is quite up, and the birds are singing.

I’ve come to a new medium. I spend my days and half the nights outdoors now. Duke is quite contented to come out with me, and enjoy the day. I do sleep indoors, and recharge electronics overnight.

Yesterday, I quite freaked the poor Husband out. I’d been outside for many hours, and he started to get worried. He was so worried that he actually checked the oil on the car so he could check on me. Snort. Finally, after 10 PM, he sent me a text asking if I was going to be coming inside.  Whoops. It had been over 5 hours since we’d spoken.

When I am outside all day, he can’t complain about my smoking in the house. He can’t complain about the noise I am making. He can’t complain about what I am doing. Poor Poor feller, I’m almost sorry, not.

I can be out there, and work, relax, stitch, and think. The air feels lovely on my skin, and I can just be. I love it. I have to invest in either a drop cord of some better external batteries though. I drained a couple of devices just being me out there yesterday.

Hope all is well with you. Hugs and take care. -L

If only the treadle had better wheels

Morning all, The boys are sleeping like rocks. Today, Young Master Duke and I will be spending the day in the back, working.  I need my table set up, and have to find the keys to the lock holding the bugger down.

My Husband locked it down last fall, in order to keep the weather from taking it to the Canadian or the Iowa border and flinging it. I admit, Iowa is much closer than Canada, but the wind here is not something to faff around with.

Setting up the patio is quite a bit different than setting up a camping area. It includes my camping area, of course, but camping, and using a patio are two different critters.

Let’s start witht he front patio. We have an older wooden patio table out there, and a couple of chairs. In the evening, it’s lovely to sit out there in the shade. It’s concrete, and we can relax with a small lantern, and enjoy the evening. I have made lots of tea and popcorn out there, just as a matter of principle.

When visitors come, we relax out there, and enjoy our time. There’s an umbrella for daytime shade as well.  I spent quite a bit of time out there last fall, and would love to have a  gazebo tent set up out there. It will come.

The stove being moved to the back means that the wood pile will go back there. I am hoping to get the chimney set up out there, and start having wood stove cooking again.

Uh oh, the Hubsy is awake. That means that chaos starts shortly. Snort.

I am thinking that on the front patio is where I would sit to stitch by the way. I would love to, if my treadle had bigger wheels, move her out there to work and stitch. The bright sun is better than any electric lamp to see with.

The problem? She is a big beast. I don’t have any of them converted to table use yet. Sighs. Oh well. Life goes on.

I need to ruminate on this a bit more, I originally wanted to set up a stitching area with a tent. However, none of my tents are designed to really protect from the elements. They just postpone the ick factor.

I will keep plotting and scheming.
Please take care of yourselves, hugs Huggage from Minnesota. Land of a zillion skeeters. -L