A little fantasy

Morning all, hope you are well. My Sweetheart is watching a show, and Duke is asleep on the bed having a well deserved nappage.

I’ve spent the day listening to Simon Whistler’s youtube extravaganza. He has a feast of channels from true crime to all sorts of things. The only problem I’m running into is “Fact boy” is a bit of an idiot. However, he wears his mantel well.

I have a notebook, or 90. One thing I like to do is play a little game in one of them. A fantasy type thing, where if I had unlimited resources what would I do?

No one has unlimited resources, of course. Everyone is limited by time. We’re all here for a short amount of it. No one is eternal. That said, what would I do if I had unlimited financial resources?

Welp, one area would be medical needfuls. Another is helping my Beloved. Another is getting Duke a girlfriend, and possibly heirs.

I’ve designed houses in this notebook, from tiny houses to great mansion complexes. It’s a fun way to stretch my mind a little. Sometimes, though, it brings tears to my eyes.

It’s the medical part. For my Beloved, who lives with so much more pain than I do on a daily, and for myself. I did a video visit with my Dr on Friday. I had to keep saying, that’s a luxury. That’s a luxury. That’s a luxury.

Things like glasses, dental, even ‘normal’ needs of life… are all luxuries.

So, those ideas sit in my fantasy notebook. Who knows, if I ever slip up and buy that fictional winning lottery ticket… I can get that electric wheelchair and van. My Beloved can get pain relief, and I can see the dentist.

Take care my friends. Huge hugs. -L

Swiss cheese brain day-working with memory problems.

Morning all, hope you are well. Have been trying for hours to do something and I’m at the screw it stage of being. So, I’m doing this as a blog post instead of a video.

Method 1: The mini brain… I use a mini bujo for the most need to know crap. It’s a passport sized folio with 3×5 notebooks inside. 1 is for stitch projects. Another is for phone calls with ASC officers and GSR’s. The third is for blood sugars and medical notes. The 4th is titled, did I take my fricking meds today?

Method 2: The Bujo. This bugger is for larger projects, my journal, my 10th step, and other things. I have one for recipes that I love a separate journal for the main bujo, and a third for my diary. The diary is crucial because there’s crap that needs to go in my 10th step but I can only talk about it in journal format.

Method 3: Recipe cards, sticky notes and fml. I buy recipe cards willy nilly for a reason. If my husbeast wants something really specific short term, it goes on a sticky note done by him. Quick notes to him go on a sticky or a recipe card. Then there is the contacts list.

I’m horrible with birthdays, names and sobriety dates. So my expanded contact list goes in there. I also write down important things like… THEY Hate the color orange. If it is someone who I would stitch for.

Then there is the mothership 3 ring binder system. I have a calendar, loose leaf paper, dividers and folders in there. I use this for the volunteer work I do as well as my personal step study.

Now for electronics. I use android devices exclusively. So, I use google tasks, reminders, and calendar to keep me on track.

Now, I’m mostly paper based, because the tangible act of writing helps me get through.

Some day, maybe, I will do that video, but the hubsy is growly tonight. It wouldnt be a good thingamie. Take care my friends. Gentle hugs. -L

No Takesies Backsies

Morning all, hope you are well. I’m having the first cuppa the day. My Beloved has just woken up, Young Master Duke has settled into his personal nest, and I am feeling a little bit better.

I decided before crawling into bed last night to relinquish all adulthood status for 18 hours. So, I posted on social media…

“I have decided to play hooky from adulthood for the next 18 hours. Tag, you are in charge of being an adult. No takesies backsies!!!!!! Na nah na nah ni ner!

Since I am still in that 18 hour window, IE I have 12 hours left, I’m going to have fun with this. I’m going to play with my toys. Fabric, yarn and weird tools today. I’m going to load a project bag in the car, and play.

I plan on grabbing a light lunch, sitting at the lake side, and listening to cartoons while I eat and then while I stitch. It’s a good day.

Now the question, egg rolls or nuggets for lunch? Have a good one folks. Take care, -L


Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is curled up behind me. I am bundled up tight. Both of them are asleep, and I am just laying down for a few.

It’s the type of morning where it is okay to curl up with a book and just be. It’s okay to hibernate for awhile, and it is okay to just be.

My earliest memory is of my nest. Mom worked in a bar. She would sleep on the couch, and I would curl up behind her legs with a book or my crayons. I couldn’t have been more than 3.

It’s a comfortable memory. We don’t have a couch, but Duke is snuggling next to me the way I used to snuggle behind my Mom. My heart is full.

Hugs, gentle ones. ๐Ÿค— -L

It’s a Rob Zombie kind of day

Morning all, Hope you are well. The fellas are taking care of the Universe for me today. I’m emotionally compromised right now.

The day started out pretty good. I was up until 5 or 6, but was able to sleep finally. I slept until maybe 11 or so. I saw I missed a phone call, and finally got off the horn a few minutes ago.

I don’t deal with emotions well. A safe place for me to deal is in my headset. So, while that sucker is recharging, I have my favorite earbuds in. It was the 3rd phone call of the day that did me in. I’ve had 4 phone calls so far.

First, I reached for metallica. Sadly, they werent strong enough for the crap crawling its merry way through the little grey cells. I needed stronger medicine. I then on the text suggestion of a friend reached for Rob Zombie. That hits the spot.

Yes, I suppose I should talk about letting go, and all the crap. There are times when that just isn’t good enough. So, I turn to music.

My normal base level for music is 70’s-1999 pop or country. If I feel overwhelmed, I head for classical with Bach and Chopin. Yet today, Rob Zombie is cathartic. I may be damaging my ears, but it’s a small price to pay. I’m emotionally compromised. I need the release.

Take care my friends, gentle distance hugs. -L