The financial Purge

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I’ve started the purge financially, and here is what I’ve found so far.

Saved 20 a month. Just cancelled netflix. The purge continues That’s 240 a year~!!! hee!

Club pogo, gone! !!! Im enjoying the purge! Another 40 a year saved.. hee

iTunes, hee! I pulled my debit card from my account… savings, hundreds! 700 last year

Verizon… hee! I cut my bill in half this month! Savings 780 over a year…

I bought my winter clothes at a recycling store. Savings, about 350

Next months purge on the budget, soda, fast food, and pre processed foods. Savings, 300 per month!  3600 per year

Oh, and switching phone and internet/cable provider? Saved 500 over a year… hee!

next in the purge, hmm, by giving up my DROID and going without internet phone, another 360 plus per year

Total of financial purge so far… almost 6570 per year! That’s 6 months income… hee!

The last to purge… cigarettes. Savings, 150 per month… that would save 1800 over a year…

I will do it, 1800 is almost 2 months income…

I will continue the purge financially… 8370 isn’t enough… I want to cut about 4000 more.. hee!

All figures are done in US dollars.  My monthly income, roughly 900 per month.  My husband’s income, none of your business.


A bum hand, exercises, and not knitting

Hello all, thought I’d let you knot what I was up to yesterday. I went to see my Dr in the morning, (he is the BEST doctor in Minnesota, I tell you)! I found out the good/bad news.
I have a ganglion cyst on my hand. It’s what is causing the pain. When I cracked my knuckles, it increased the pain, and increased the size of the cyst. I’ve been cracking my knuckles everytime I’ve knit for years. Oy!
I see an orthopedic next month, and the orthopedic may remove the cyst or give me a shot. (Keep in mind that I don’t mind shots, I take five of them a day for crying out loud.) I’m just impatient that I have to wait until the 7th of November for this appointment, but we’ll see.
While I wait though, I’ve got to limit my knitting, crochet etc. It seems that the pain increases while the movement increases. Yuck. So, I either need to learn to knit one handed, (possible, but I don’t have the necessary equipment, or I need to take it easy.
Take-it-easy Yeah, as it is it is the end of October. Which means I have about 8 weeks till Christmas. AGGGGGH!
I have been gently exercising my hands. And it’s ironically my fur children who are in charge of helping me. I’ve found that petting a fuzzy person helps me do the movements needed to stretch my joints and ligaments. It helps me improve my range of motion. The bad news, well the fur kids think there is no bad news, but getting them to sit still for very long is a challenge… Especially the cats.
As knitting has become my coping mechanism for dealing with my life, please stand by while I go completely and totally ballistic. (It’s a short wait.)


Where I come from

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it with a passion. I thought I would talk to you about where I come from. The Satellite picture is a pic of my family’s farm. My Dad purchased the property several years before I was born.
I grew up with dogs, cats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, geese, cattle and a horse named Honesty over the years. Not all at once, but they were good friends growing up. I would walk to the nearest gas station, 4 miles away, for soda and snacks on special occasions.
Going on bike rides around the “section” was normal. We would go can collecting, and had a garden. We played many games based on tv shows, books and what not.
I would climb trees, go fishing in the creek, and read many many books. I loved to sit in the tall grass and watch the trees or the clouds.
I was a dreamer, and I would walk to the bridge on a little gravel on the edge of the property often.
On Halloween, we would go to towns nearby and visit the neighborhoods. I remember one year that we went through a local Highschool gym which was set up as a haunted house with games. Living there was living in heaven, and yet living there was also hard. It wasn’t the farm work that made it hard, or difficult. It wasn’t working with the animals or even riding the bus to school.
I miss home, which is what I think of this place. It’s my heart’s content to think of the good times there.
Life is good here, where I live now, but my South Dakota roots run deep.
All is well otherwise,