I know that the title of this post is a bat signal to someone special, and I want to say a private Thank You to Niss and Gandy. You both have been awesome support, and I am grateful for all you have done for me.

Huge hugs Ladies, you are the best. I’m sorry I won’t be back to that forum, but I know one of you follows me here. Take care. -L


Camping Prep

Morning all, am going through my gear this morning, getting ready to set up for the surgery trip. I let my Husband know that I’ll be camping while he is having his surgery. So, I’m getting the gear set up.

My biggest concern with this trip is Young Master Duke. He is getting elderly, and we need to keep him comfortable. So, I have to run his dishes through the dishwasher before we head out. I also need to have a bag of his food and his favorite treats. Then again, there’s the protecting others. He does not like humans. So, his muzzle will travel. I also will have waste bags to pick up his poo. There’s no reason on earth for leaving his stool behind us.

Next is medical. I am insulin dependent. Meaning I have to have a cooler prepped to keep the insulin from baking while we are gone. It is vital to my survival. So, I stack coolers inside each other. I won’t be carrying fresh food, but at least the insulin should be safe.

I have the tent ready, tarps, and such. I have ridge lines and such. I have fire making materials, and the cooking implements. I have insect repellent, and even a fan/light combo. I need to raid the battery stash though, and make sure that my external chargers are fully charged.

For food, I’m going exceptionally simple. I will have a can opener, and will be doing soups and such. I’ll also be packing ramen as a just in case. Instant coffee will save other’s lives, as a caffeine deprived brain in my body is not a good thing. Lastly, is my sleeping bag, pillow, and Sherbert.

My Husband’s surgery is in just over a week. I have to clean out the car, fill the 6 gallon water jug, charge the pump for it, and get the car loaded. I’m planning on camping because 60 miles back and forth would suck majorly. That said, I’ve picked out my camping location, and later today I will pay for a 3 day stay. Just in case, if I don’t use it for the full 3 days, that’s fine. It’s still cheaper than driving back and forth.

Now for the Hospital. I am diabetic. I will not be in the hospital waiting for him. I have a persistent smoker’s cough, and there’s no way I will be dragging that into a medical facility. Besides, Hospitals are the best places to catch a bug. I don’t think so. I will have my phone on me, and will be near enough that I can be there within 20 minutes.

So, we are almost ready. The car is filled with fuel. I have some chores to do. Life is still okay.

Hugs my friends, take care. -L

Adding to the lexicon

Morning all, Young Master Duke and I are planning a snuggle pile in a few minutes. Thought I would check in for a few.

From the sounds from the kitchen, my beloved is working on his latest masterpiece. Sighs. It has macaroni in it. Please, grant me peace. The gorge is rising again.

Oh well, life gets tejious.

I’ve been relaxing at the computer for a bit. I still use my old laptop, because it has Canasta on it. It also has some word games that I dearly love. It’s a good way to spend an hour without doom scrolling through tiktok or the rest. I’m enjoying a quiet morning without headphones on.

Okay, I’m really enjoying a quiet morning without headphones on. I’ve changed a few things that I do around here. I only watch tiktok when I am stuck in the necessary. I’m one of those instant half hour in the restroom, just add milk.

Sighs. It’ll be okay. Though, I swear, he adds milk just to mess with me.

Meanwhile, life is still okay. We are still in the cease fire, and I’m hoping a friend will stop by before too long for a visit. By the way, speaking of tiktok, the words “Secret Voupies” have entered the lexicon of my world. I double dog dare you to do a search. The cuteness is beyond compare.

Hugs my friends, will catch up with you after a few. There’s a snuggle pile waiting for me. -L

He mutters

Morning all, Young Master Duke is outside keeping an eye on the kids at the football field. I’m a little gassy, and my Husband is talking to himself again. I swear, he has a mouth that can out-talk a 3 year old.

We are currently in a cease fire situation. I’m grumpy enough that I’m about to pitch a fit. It’s not good. Last night, I tried to lay down, but the air was trying to kill me again. So, I coughed. A lot. It woke him up. It happens. He proceeded to get up growling, and then talked the rest of the night.

I took more allergy medicine, and finally went to sleep. I woke to him talking to himself still, and proceeded to the necessary. The funny thing is, he shuts up when I cross in front of his table, and then talks louder when the door to the restroom closes.

Snort. I’m guilty as well. I was raised on elbow macaroni. I hate it. It’s the band of nasty that ruins my universe. I growl when I am served elbow macaroni. Guess who serves it when he makes hot-dish? My beloved bought a crap ton of it when we were separated. I growl. Smoke rises from my ears. I completely and totally get nauseated. I work very hard to be silent, but then again…

I love rice. I bought a crap ton of it when we were separated. You get the drift. He hates it.

I type incessantly. The sound of the keyboard clacking drives him insane. I have many many keyboards, some of them silent. I need the clacking. I even have a keyboard designed to clack as loudly as possible.

He obsesses. When the tabs came for the car, I accidentally got one of them stuck on the paper. I made the mistake of telling him about it. 57 texts of obsession later, I ended up spending half an hour with some super glue, the car, and swear words fixing it. 29.5 minutes of that half hour were spent out there so he would calm the heck down, thinking that I was spending that time smoothing the tab down.

He likes ripple chips. The flavorless chips that have no business in the universe. Their flavor is salt. That’s it. I do buy him those chips, but… when mine run out, I finish his.

Wheat makes me gassy. IE, most foods with wheat give me gas. It can be crippling pain, down to silent but deadly. We eat exclusively wheat because of his dietary preferences. I crop dust him, when I bend down to attach Duke’s tie out to his collar.

He makes me coffee. I run the garbage bins to the curb. He does the dishes. When he can’t, I do them. He will wash my clothes, when he can’t I wash his. He can’t drive, I do all the driving.

Even though we drive each other absolutely bat-sheet crazy, we do care. That’s the important part. It’s also the part missing in almost every romance I have ever read. It’s the day to day beyond the lust. Chuckle, lust hasn’t been a part of our world in years and years. Oh well.

Hugs my friends, hugs. -L

Rare, but it happens… usually after the 3rd full moon of the month.

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is still outside singing the song of his people.. and so is my Husband. He’s at the Dining Room table talking to himself again. I’m rolling with it, hey it could be worse.

I woke up in low pain this morning. I didn’t have to run like a madwoman to the necessary, and I’m spooked. I mean, I know, my Happiest of Holidays is not too far away, but you know, I’m spooked. It’s like the fabric of the universe has torn, and the crows have all landed on the roof spooked.

In fact, Duke and I sat on the edge of the bed for about half an hour and had a snuggle start of the day.

Then the other shoe dropped. I let Duke out, and headed to the coffee maker to begin my heart pumping. My beloved made coffee, but it was already getting cold. So, I popped a cuppa in the microwave and headed to the necessary.

I came back to 1/8 of a cuppa in the cup, and a flood in the microwave. Then the swear words came out. I cleaned up the mess, and made my coffee an iced coffee instead of a hot coffee. I headed to the desk and just sat down in mourning.

I mean, a cup of coffee I didn’t have to make is now soaked up in paper towels.

It’s horrible, and the world is ending. Please join me in a moment of silence. I’m not sure that I can continue this day.



Hope you have a good one. -L