End of year inventory

Good afternoon,

It is white, cold, and windy out there. One doesn’t go out unprotected right now. And in fact, I haven’t been able to leave the house in days.

There’s a hot cuppa next to me, Duke is snuggled in tight, and I’m reviewing my recovery.

Since I’ve switched over to Narcotics Anonymous for the brunt of my recovery, and I’ve also switched over to mostly online meetings due to my disability, it seems that it just makes sense to post my end of year inventory work online. So, without further ado, here is the work.

You will need, The Basic Text, It works, how and why, a step working guide, and the book living clean. Of course either pen and paper or a tablet and stylus are up to you. Both Android and Ios have apps that will work for this type of inventory. Even a laptop and some basic office software will do the job nicely.

The time involved is entirely up to your discretion.

Read: Basic Text pages xv-107, IW 1-122, SWG p 1-124 LC p xi- 258 and your step work for the year so far. Include your daily homework as well.

Write: What you learned from each step, what you left out, and what you need to continue with each step. Write down what you need for the next year to continue to stay clean. Write down your recovery hopes and goals for the next year.

If there are major holes in your step work, re-work the step in question.

Write down a year long gratitude list, (part of the daily homework) and write a Thank You letter to your Higher Power. Pray for those you still have problems with, and live as if God has taken over your will and your life.

That’s about it, happy 2020. Thank You so much.