The little stove that tries

I have one of those little round ohuhu camping stoves. She tries, I swear she does. However, she just doesn’t do much more than roast marshmallows and boils water.

I don’t regret the cost, because I do get a tiny campfire out of her, but I wish she kicked out more btu’s. Sighs.

Yet, on a warmer night, I can dress in my jammies, grab a couple of marshmallows and have some cocoa or tea on the patio. She works great for that. I then stick her inside a coffee can, and put a bit of a metal lid on the can. It puts her out and conserves fuel.

It works.

I don’t have grand dreams of 5 course meals from her, she does the best job I’ve ever seen on ramen. Yet someday, I want a grilled burger on her. It will happen, someday, right?

Anyways, going to be heading out to the patio in a bit, I have a wind screen rigged up, and I want to get some cocoa in the silence of the trees. Take care, stay warm. -L


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