Stuff that just won’t make it to the blog

Hello all,

I’ve been posting to the Anonymous Knitter facebook page again. It’s where I post most of the links and videos that I find interesting and amusing.

While there is plenty of room on the blog for these things, facebook is easier to post certain videos and links.

Hope you enjoy.



My hands are sore

I’ve probably knit for 18 hours in the last 48. My hands are pretty sore, but miraculously, my shoulders and back are not.

I went to youtube yesterday, and browsed some of the videos on the yarn harlot, and I found a couple that show how she knits.

The change is amazing!

A little hand stiffness, compared to being in so much pain I have to lay down… Holy smokes!

It’s called “Irish cottage knitting”.

I hope you try it… It really helps!


where to find the clues to Anna Makarovna socks

Main Street, Worthington - 1895
Main Street, Worthington – 1895 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all,

This post is pretty link heavy, but I hope that this helps.

I’ve included quite a few links, but this is where I went to learn how to do Anna Makarovna socks.

Louise Benjamin

Worthington, MN

How to use the Nostepinne

Hello all,

Here is a youtube video on How to use the Nostepinne.

Embedding has been disabled, so you will need to follow the link.

Just a heads up, you don’t have to buy the Nostepinne. A short broom handle will work, or a wooden dowel, or a piece of pvc left over from another project.

I’m still working on the whole reposting and editing process on the website.

Louise Benjamin

Worthington, MN

Chamfered end of wooden dowel
Chamfered end of wooden dowel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)