Quick trip

Yes, I take my recovery with me when I travel. My “bugout” bag has my Big Book, 12 x 12, dictionary, and BuJo in it. I enjoy the ability to grab a bag and run when I need to.

This morning, I was planning a cozy day on the farm. It turns out I was needed in Minnesota. I had 20 minutes to grab the necessities and fly down the interstate.

It has been several weeks since my last trip, so I had nothing together. Keeping a “bugout” bag, especially in circumstances beyond my control, is something I had never thought of applying to my recovery.

My recovery kit, always sits at my desk for easy access. I was able to toss that in in seconds. A change of clothes, and my toiletries, as well as my medical kit and I was ready.

Recovery certainly added a few pounds to the basics I need, but I don’t mind the extra weight. What is more important, my serenity and sobriety, or working without the program at my side?

I think that the fact that my recovery was the first in the bag, was a good thing.

That’s all for now.