Pneumonia and the bullet journal

Hello all. Been stuck mostly at home for over a week.

I need to breathe. Tomorrow I see my Dr team in Sioux Falls. One is my gp, the other tackles my diabetes.

I have reworked my bullet journal to be a hybrid of paper and digital. Here are the notebooks I scored from back to school. Below are my main marker, pen, and fineliner stash. I use three simple composition notebooks for months, weeks, and journal. One note gets my daily spreads, and most of my planner goodness.

I have taken on some volunteer work as well, and adding that to my planner really helps keep me on track.

I also use outlook for block scheduling that repeats daily weekly and monthly. This I review when I set up my monthly schedule.

As for recovery, that gets scheduled as well. I keep track of the meetings notes I take, my studies in the literature, and the work I do as a volunteer.

My hope is that the system will keep me out of trouble.

I make the time to schedule this way.

Sorry this post is mostly fluff. I am heading back to bed. I have pneumonia and am having a hard time focusing right now.