The learning curve

Morning all, actually, it’s late at night. I’m waiting for the dryer to finish. I have to get the stuff in the washer switched over shortly.

The reason I’m doing this laundry late at night when the hubs usually does it… I need to sort it. The laundry that doesn’t make the cut gets to be thrown out.

This is the purge on a smaller level. I need to get rid of those things that are severely worn out, or that I have outgrown. The other part, I need to get rid of things that just are too ugly. Sadly, I am so hard on clothes that I can’t donate them in good faith to a charity.

Now, to the title of this essay, and what laundry has to do with my work tonight.

Every night I can, I go to sit on the patio. I relax with a small fire in my tiny stove. I make popcorn, and or a cup of tea. I might have a roasted marshmallow or some cocoa. I sit out there as long as I can, and for some reason the flames and the smoke help me.

During this process, I will get small burn holes in my clothes, or I will spill something on myself. I end up covered with ashes or soot from the stove. Or, I end up brushing up against a pot or cup used on the stove, and sticky soot stains my clothing forever.

So, tonight, due to my own silly habits, I am doing some laundry.

As for the learning curve, I still haven’t figured out how to make popcorn on a fire without burning it. I’m afraid I’m wasting more of it than I am consuming. Yet I love popcorn with a passion.

So, tomorrow night, unless it is actively snowing or raining, I’ll sit outside again. I will try again to relax, and enjoy the evening with my beloved Duke. We will eat whatever I cook, and I will learn from the experience.

Hope all is well with you. Take care, stay warm. -L


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