The incabinate life

Morning, Sitting at the desk doing the background mischief and mayhem of the day. Duke and I are very comfortable, and he is very busy keeping my bed warm.

It snowed a bit last night. The wind was bad enough that we could barely get the back door open to let Duke out. I keep the business end of his chain in on a hook inside the door so that it wouldn’t freeze. This is life in the upper midwest.

Now for some gross things. Hubs has cut up some t-shirts for me, so that we can start rationing tp. We may have enough tp to get by, but how long this crisis is going to last is anyone’s guess. We decided to have a separate hamper for those homemade wipes and I’m running them in a separate load in the washer.

Waiting to get access to one of the sites I manage. The problem is that I’m not the be all and end all for that site. I don’t intend to be. However, the login is not giving me access.

Oh well, life goes on.

That’s all for now. Have to run some computer maintenance. Hugs not drugs. -L

PS. Doing step study videos M-F on Facebook.

I will try to do the same for AA as well. Just have to get the time to work on it. I have the page ready.


Behind the curtains

Hello all, just sitting here swilling now cold coffee and spending quite a bit of time on the keyboard. This isn’t my only website, not by far. The problem, is that I am doing most of this as busy work.

The dishwasher is done, I have half a load of laundry to take to the machine yet, and the bathroom needs cleaning. I also need to take my insulin this morning.

There is a problem, and it was a huge shock. My hands have started to lock when I knit for more than a minute or two. So, if I want to be able to use my wheelchair, use a laptop, and work on my own home, the knitting has to go to the way side.

I don’t like this. Especially since the whole of my world, my rest and relaxation has been in knitting. We have tried medications, which work great, but the pain debt when they wear off is too great to be overcome.

For example, a twenty four hour pill worked wonderfully. I could do more for longer periods than I had in many years. Then the thing wore off 12 hours in. The pain shut down everything, and I couldn’t take another pill. Soon, the pill only worked for 8 hours, then 4…. The wall of pain, the curtain, razor sharp descended, and I just couldn’t move. Death was preferable.

So, today, I don’t take it. I take a Tylenol Arthritis, and it works well enough.

Well, I suppose I better get back to work. These keys don’t click themselves.