Apron 2.0

Decided to just hook the apron. Knitting increases were giving me fits. Louise


Long day tomorrow

Hey Y’all, tomorrow we’ll be in South Dakota for the day, but it’s not going to be a joyous event. My husband, a Cancer survivor, is going to go in for the latest yearly Cancer screening. He’s had Cancer a few times, and we keep this appointment no matter what.

We’re old hats at this sort of thing, later today, I’ll be taking the van for some fuel, and made sure that it is clean, comfortable, and loaded with the things we are taking to SD for the day. We have our itinerary, and I have my yarn bag and purse ready to go.

The one drawback, I suppose, is that my husband and I are afraid. Each year, it seems that my husband’s health is a scary issue, and each year the prognosis keeps getting worse. Cancerous polyps are removed, and no, the Cancer does not “go away”.

It’s one of those things that we’ve learned to never talk about, we get to hear all the “horror stories” about too many people in our area that have had Cancer, or have died from Cancer. We understand the need to talk, and the horror and grief so many are going through.

Yet at this time in our lives, we’re just living each day as it comes. No one that I have ever met knows when God will call them home. No one, knows whether today will be their last day to see a sunrise, or to snuggle with their pillows in the morning.

So, I have one request, as the wife of a  recurring Cancer patient.

Just let me do what’s in front of me to do. Tomorrow is going to be hard enough, and today, we live just for today. I don’t want to hear about those who have won or lost the battle we are in. I understand your pain, but right now, my main focus is in getting that vehicle prepared, and in making sure that we are ready for whatever the rest of today brings.

Thanks for your time,


Louise Ann Benjamin

Itunes or apple hell

Worked on my computer all day fixing the Mess iTunes made of my music files. Ugh.

I finally got my sewing machine fixed, and started sewing. It seems that when you thread the dratted thing right, well. Winking smile

Also, I met with my sponsor instead of going to the meeting Monday.

After the iPad is done syncing music, this lunatic is going to bed. Its almost 2 am for crying out loud.

Today’s Schedule, by the way…

YMCA, 11am-3pm.



the other thing


Meet my arse at the door saying I went there, did that… 9-10 pm-ish.


24 May, 2012 08:19

Hey y’all. My name is Valentine, I am a shoe and yarn addict. I am 3 months old. I love to shred shoes, and yarn is so much fun to drag all the way through the house!
I like expensive things Mommy says, and I love to shred pattern books too! Daddy says I am a puppy, but Momma calls me a yarn terrorist. WHATS THAT?