Another day a new Doctor

Hello all.

It’s been a long day on short sleep. This morning I was supposed to meet my daughter in town. Eventually, I did, but I received a phone call from my clinic first.

Yesterday was my 3 months check on my diabetes. It was strongly suggested I see an endocrinologist. I agreed, and requested a summer appointment because winter driving sucks. My Dr agreed, and I got my lab work done, and went home.

This morning, on my way to town, I received a phone call, with the request for a squeeze in appointment. They had an opening due to cancellation. Since I was already in town, I readily agreed.

I called my daughter, and We reworked our plans.

Next thing I knew, I was handing my blood sugar monitor over and my vitals were being taken. Shortly after, I was on two different medications, and I was impressed.

Over $42 later, I was frustrated. That was the pharmacy stop.


I am grateful, very grateful, for the Dr squeezing me in. I am hopeful for my medical for the first time in years. However, I was not planning on spending that much today.

But for the grace of God.

On the yarn front, three books, replacements for old friends gone feeble, have arrived. A yarn swift and ball winder are on the way, and I am pooped.

I called several old friends today, and I hope to meet with a couple for supper next week.

That’s all for now. I better take my medicine and test my sugars.



Road trip

This is day number two with Big Brother keeping track of my every move in the car. I am not sure about this, but in theory, they will give me a discount for doing this. Sighs. Feels like I have a cop in the car with me.

It snowed last night and the roads were pretty greasy this morning. Dad was late for church, and I missed my meeting again. I will try again on Tuesday.

I am waiting for a bit before we head to our next destination. We are scheduled for a Birthday party at one. My favorite cousin is celebrating and I have always loved her with all my heart.

Road trips mean the boys ride along. They enjoy lazy Sunday afternoon rides, watching people go by. It’s always a treat and fun to have both heathens in the car with us.

Dad is enjoying a short nap before we move on to the next place, and since we are just half a mile away, we have time.

That’s all for now.

How do I do this again?

I am a geek behind the scenes. I love fixing and researching the latest computer gear, usually apple gear. I enjoy scrounging and finding answers. However, I don’t have the answers to where the blog and podcast went wrong.

I know I moved on to other blogs, other ideas, and many other things. I had given up on knitting and crochet completely. I had let the depression take over, and mired myself in the problems of everyday life.

This blog, as referenced by many odd posts from other blogs, got left behind. I’ve reposted most of that dreck here.

I still have bugs to work out, like a chigger burrowed a little too deep, but we will see what happens. I’m still trying to figure out what the heck I did with all of the Catholic Knitter posts, but they may be gone to the ether…

In the meantime, I really need a meeting, a bit of a knit, and a hot cocoa coffee. I’ll settle for the knit, as that is what I have available today.