Pain day but for a good reason

Good Morning. Hope you are well. The fellas who I am responsible for are doing their things. I’m about ready to crawl back into bed.

However, this morning, I am proud of the work I did yesterday. Yesterday hurt bad. I finally managed about 7 hours of sleep in total. It was pretty broken up though. The good news, is that after one of those naps I did a thing.

My Beloved was hurting too, and asked me if I could make us a pizza. I don’t always keep frozen pizza in the house, yet we still had the one I picked up in late November. I cut up some pepper, onion, mushrooms and added a little of each to the pie. I added a wee bit of cheese to protect the mushrooms and whacked it in the oven.

When I add to a pre-packaged product, I watch the cooking times. In the case of pizza, I make it at the recommended cooking time/temp. Then once the recommended time passes, I shut the oven off and let it cook maybe 10-15 minutes longer. This gives the extra ingredients time to cook through and me time to prep a salad.

After we ate, I realized that I better get the kitchen cleaned up. I got it done! My beloved did help a bit. He took the laundry out of the washer and dried it while I set things up.

We both took many breaks, and while we ate at 7pm, by 2 am the work was done!! The dishes were in the cupboards, and the clothes were folded and put away. I even took a quick washup myself.

Why do I crow about this? On a normal pain day, I can’t do a damned thing. Yesterday was a normal pain day. However, thanks to just taking lots of breaks, I was able to do that little bit of work. Note: My beloved only helped with the washer to dryer swap on the laundry.

This morning, I woke up to a clean kitchen. That felt good. I’m asking Santa to give me a dish drying rack this year, one that works better than what I am using right now. Think he would spring for a pink or purple one?

On that note, hugs and huggage my friends. Take care please. May your marshmallows be squishy and soft for your cocoa. -L

Don’t lick the lightpole or eat the yellow snow.

Morning all, Young Master Duke is having his breakfast. My Beloved is grumbling and growling. I’m reasonably well. Hope you are the same.

I just returned from picking up this morning’s grocery order. 2 jugs milk, 2 cartons of cottage cheese, 2 lbs mushrooms, a little lettuce, and a few thingamies in a pear tree. Oh, and the Radishes. Must have those delicious radishes.

Hey, I’m not totally unredeamable, I hate brussels sprouts. I have standards, you know.

I was reminded when I let Duke in, about the whole yellow snow thing. When I was a kid in the 1970’s and 80’s there was a huge thing about yellow snow. The punchline is that in a farming community, most guys didn’t run for the house to take a leak. Don’t ever, ever eat the yellow snow.

As far as the flag pole, in freezing weather, metal flag poles and tongues do not mix. Someone every year or two would have to be helped by a teacher for being dared to do it. Chuckle.

Kids back then were on a survival of the fittest. Between the slide… (One of my class mates broke an arm falling off it onto the asphalt below.) and the monkey bars… Also on asphalt. Murder ball, and other hijinx… It is amazing we lived as long as we have.

Snow ball fights would be augmented with ice cores or hard mud cores. We would be sent outside and told not to come in no matter what until sundown in January. Etc.. etc… we could have froze to death.

Yet, I’m still here. So, stay away from the yellow snow, don’t lick the flagpole, and duck during murderball. Have a great day. Hugs and Huggage, -L

P.S. For rules of murderball, I found an article. Click here.

Settling in with some carols and a cuppa

Morning all, George Straight is crooning in my ears singing “We three kings.” Young Master Duke is in bed resting. My beloved is grumbling in the dining room.

I’ve been re-using some things I bought for camping to get the kitchen up to date. I have 3 drawer sterilite organizers. Actually, I have 3 of the devices. One is for tea and coffee now. Another is for Young Master Duke’s treats. The 3rd is for embroidery and cross stitch. I was using them to organize camping gear, but in this case, the kitchen needs to be taken care of first. I use the kitchen much more often than I camp.

Next to do is to get a dishwashing station set up. Don’t I have a sink? Yes, I do. With rotator cuff issues, from the wheelchair, reaching doesn’t work well. So, I’m going to get a camping sink thingamie. This way, I can wash/dry and put away from the chair.

The dishwasher can’t be used because it causes the plumbing to leak under the sink. So, Camping gear for the win.

Meanwhile, life is still good. My beloved is doing good. Young Master Duke is spoiled beyond belief. We are okay.

Hugs my friends. Take care. -L

Christmas Sorted

Morning all, I just told Young Master Duke to “Scurry Scoo, go play.” This is Duke speak for ‘baby, I gotta get some work done.’

Poor pupper doodle unit. He really is an angel. If I had a fancy chair with a seat next to me that he could sit on and snuggle with me, that would be a thing. But, I have never seen a loveseat wheelchair.

My Husband just went to bed. Schucks, now I am completely unsupervised. Sighs. What mayhem can I do?

Snort. Let’s talk about the main topic. Holidays. Christmas Shopping is done, and other than getting shipping notifications over the next few days, I’m done with Christmas 2022.

My daughters are in Iowa and Minnesota. I figure UPS or whichever can find them exceptionally well. I got them and their better halves taken care of. One set is getting cast iron, the traditional wedding gift in my family. The other also is getting cast iron, because my son in law loves to cook. His bride is getting a stitch marker situation sorting thingamie.

One good friend is getting a surpise gift as well. She is the one that infected me with a certain hobby involving aida cloth. I’m not nice, and got some mini-revenge. She has a hard time seeing things up close without magnifyers. I got her a duplicate headlamp magnifyer to the one I have. I am evil, yes, I know.

Other than that, Young Master Duke is getting a sweater for when the weather is truly evil. I have some knitting, crochet, and other stitchery to finish for the rest of the Holiday season.

For example. My Beloved’s Birthday is in February. I need to get his Birthday project done while he sleeps. One daughter’s Birthday is in March. The other’s is in October. Our sons in law have Birthdays to plan for as well.

However, before I do all of that. I have to set up the table and wash the dishes. It’s getting a little wonky in here. I also have more decorations to do, and once my Husband gets back up from his nap, all bets are off. Sighs.

Take care my friends. Huge Squishy Hugs and Huggage. -L

Ear plugs save lives

Morning all, I apologize in advance, but I have a severe case of the WTF’s this morning. I need to take my pain meds, and finish the first cuppa the day.

My Beloved is an awesome person. However, he talks to himself, constantly. I am wearing ear plugs, because my headset is on the charger. I also have several more boxes of ear plugs in the cart for my next shopping excursion. We are doing a FFS morning here.

Young Master Duke has been out, and is back in. The snow is on the ground from overnight. I think I will bundle up after my shower, and take him out to sit and watch.

He is a goodest boy, of course, and wants to go out and play.

As a former Secretary for a non-profit, I was wakened this morning to a bunch of texts from the crew. A snafu happened. The current secretary was covering her arse over something. They had dropped the ball, the whole organization had. I was entertained, to a point.

To cut them some slack, on the personal request of the organizer of an event, I had already done the work. So, I mentioned this, and then the serious CYA started. I don’t care whether or not this person is doing their job. I care that addicts in recovery get the help they need. I gave the secretary the info when I stepped down.

So, I again, forwarded the secretary the information, and yes, the instructions on how to do it. Here’s the kicker, they know they can ask for help. They did not. The ball is in their court.

Meanwhile, life is good. I’m just a bit salty this morning. I will continue to wear the earplugs until after my Husband goes to bed. Take care my friends. -L