Camping Prep 2023

Morning all. Hope you are well. Young Master Duke is sleeping so sweetly on the bed, and I’m settled in at the desk. My Beloved has been spoiling me something fierce again.

I’ve been conned into attending a camping event this year in June. Prep for this event has started already. I’ve been going through my camping gear, cleaning and organizing what I will need for 2023.

Things I need to buy:

  • Tent patching kit and sealant. I have some sewing needles and an older tent I might just use as patching materials. For some reason, a treadle sewing machine can sew the weirdest things. The sealant is a must though.
  • Tarps and ground cloth. My husband borrowed my tarps to cover the lawnmower this year. I want those replaced, as I don’t trust a tarp that has spent the winter outside. A couple of tarps need to be altered to fit the footprint of my tent.
  • Burn resistant ground cloths. These will be used under my stove/grill. I don’t want to leave cinders on the ground, let alone have a problem with those.
  • Ash container- metal trash can with a sealed lid should work I want to be absolutely certain I leave no trace behind. Smothering ashes makes more sense than being sorry.
  • A better hatchet and camping knife. Those are a must. Even a bow saw that comes apart would be an improvement.
  • Gear totes. I want a couple of totes that work better than the current system I use.
  • A decent cooler. Insulin keeps me alive. I currently put a fabric cooler inside a cooler inside a larger cooler to keep the insulin cool but not frozen.


Tents do need to be sealed and repaired as I said. I plan on sealing them, but also sealing the stitches that I make in them. Why replace something that works but only has a couple of small holes?

I am tempted to get a sleeping pad for my cot, but am ambivalent about it. I have some old ones, but I might sew a sleeve for them. I also plan on stitching up a couple of sleeping bag liners.

I’m going to swap out some of the gear I bought in the last year for stuff from the house. I prefer more sturdy tools, and will designate those for camping.

Now, for camping dates/times. I have 3 away from home trips in mind. The one is the event I have been conned into doing. The 2nd is one month later. There’s another event I plan to attend, which is a 1 day situation. If I go camping, I don’t have to drive home in the dark.

The 3rd is my October Camp. That’s the biggun. If I don’t choke and be stupid, it’s my 25th year clean and sober in the fall. I’m thinking of a longer trip, to a warmer place for this camp.

I’m also thinking that going to my home state for this camp just isn’t gonna work this time. So, I’m planning a trip of a week or 2. We will see. I’m saving my nickels and dimes. Let’s see what happens!

Hugs my friends. Take care, -L

Momma, make it summer.

Evening all, it is below zero out there, and the wind is brutal.

Young Master Duke and I did the nap thing today again. I have a cuppa, and my sweetheart is still in bed.

I am being asked to let Young Master Duke outside. He wants to go. Yet he yeets himself back inside before his pee hits the ground.

Sighs. Have a good evening folks. Distance hugs. -L

P.S. I have done the needful, and this domain is mine for another year!

Mushroom Burgers and Baked Taters


  • Butter
  • Medium or Large Potato
  • Horseradish Sauce
  • Salt
  • Mushrooms- Sliced fresh
  • Onions, sliced finely
  • Lean ground beef
  • Pepper
  • Garlic Salt
  • Hot Sauce to taste
  • Swiss Cheese


Steam potato in microwave until soft. While the potato is cooking, sweat the onions in a griddle or cast iron pan. Sprinkle seasonings to taste on the onions while they are cooking.

Make a meat patty with the ground beef, add seasonings to the meat as your form it. Move the onion to the cool side of the griddle, and fry the burger + the mushrooms. Cover with a good lid.

When you flip the burger, cover it with the mushrooms, cheese and onions and replace the lid.

When the spud is ready, slice it down the middle, add butter and hot sauce. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and parika.

Slice the bread, heat for 15 seconds in the microwave. Smear a little horseradish sauce on the bread, top with the burger and some extra cheese. If adding mustard, or other condiments go for it.

Enjoy. Can be served along side a very hot bowl of soup or stew on the coldest nights.

The story:

I’d serve these on cold winter nights after a hard day shoveling snow or chopping wood. Dad loved these and was really appreciative.

Thank You for your time. -L

Bits and bobs

Morning all, hope you are well. Duke is stretched out next to me, and my sweet Baboo is in the kitchen nattering around.

Sadly, it’s a work day for me. There are too many things I have to focus on today. Some of it is with paperwork. Most of it is physical.

I made a horrible mistake. I washed 2 of those throws that are plush from walmart. I received them over a couple of years for holiday gifts, and I’d stitched them together to cover my legs in the wheelchair.

I’m going to be turning them into something else. Not only have the edges fallen fallen off over the years, but they are pretty tatty. So, I’m going to re-bind the edges, and cover the outside with sheet fabric.

I desperately need a leg cover in the wheelchair when I’m out and about. The sleeping bag I’d used fell apart. These were a substitute. I just can’t afford to buy another one, and I have a couple of sheets I can sacrifice.

So, that’s the first plan of attack. I also have paperwork for the volunteer organization I chair. There is talk of having another organization meeting in February. I have to get the prep done. That’s a couple of hours of research and organization.

Then there is the normal monthly break down of the grocery lists and going through exactly what we need in the home. My husband has recently insisted on adding another store to shop at.

The problem is that the new store is higher in some prices than the one we are used to using. This means that I have to swap back and forth between the two, comparing prices, and getting half at the one, half at the other.

I’ve got to start telling him no to certain things with the food budget. We have evolved our diet so much over the years to work with what we can afford. The problem? Telling him we can’t afford some of the foods he wants.

This is not asshole tax. This is not petty revenge. This is pure and simple, we can’t afford the price per ounce of certain foods. Everything adds up. It’s going to mean some bland af eating. However, with the cost of everything, if we don’t – we will not be able to pay property taxes.

So, that’s where we are at this point. Wrestling down the cost per ounce of everything. It doesn’t help that I need another round of insulin this month. That’s an expense that is closer to 10 percent of my personal income than I like.

Chuckle, I had a discussion with a pharmacy tech the other day. She said, “Doesn’t your insurance cover this/that or the next thing?” Snort, I said, “Nope, in fact they gloried in calling me to say, that they won’t cover my insulin.”

I mean, I know that they hire new staff all the time, but this youngling needs to understand that some medications that are required for life are considered luxuries by insurance companies. I know, it is 2023. I’ve seen rumours of it everywhere.

Back to my day. I also at some point have to run and pick up the grocery order that took 3 hours to make with my beloved last night. We went through every price, every item, and I told him, we can’t afford this/that/whichever.

He had 88 dollars in his account. It wasn’t enough for what he wanted. We are getting wholesome healthy food, just not his favorites.

That’s about it. Huge hugs my friends. I have a couple more recipes to round out the month, but should be back to normal programming soon. See ya next week, same bat-time same bat-channel. -L